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Murder & Obsession



Renée weaves a crafty tale, so rich in the Alaskan landscape and rhythms that at times I got lulled into thinking this was a delightfully ‘cozy’ mystery. Only then some brutal murder would flash before my eyes and I’d be all like, ‘Whoa!’ I feel like, beneath the charming world Sarah was desperately trying to recreate, there was this Dean Koontzian edge of crazy that totally kept me on the edge of my seat.” ~Mina Lobo (Amazon Reviewer, for Murder, Madness & Love)

About Murder & Obsession (Detective Quaid Mysteries #3):

Detective Steven Quaid is ready for the new challenges as Anchorage’s top detective, but not until he marries the woman of his dreams on New Year’s Eve. Determined to give Sarah the wilderness honeymoon she desires, he turns his grandfather’s cabin into the perfect honeymoon retreat.
After the final details are complete, Steven treks into the mountains to hunt.

On his return to the cottage, instead of Sarah, he is greeted by several police officers and a bloody crime scene. Accusations fly, and Stephen flees into the wilderness, his heart racing and thoughts etching into his soul.

The wilderness is unforgiving, but Steven faces it head on: Caught between a massive grizzly and a black bear in a deadly tug of war, he is barely saved from death’s door by the fortuitous appearance of his uncle. Despite surviving multiple injuries, Steven continues his investigation as he recovers, but answers don’t come quick or easy.

Having enlisted the aid of his number one suspect, Steven faces a struggle that has become more than personal…This one just may cost him his heart.

Feather’s Review

Readers who yearn for a novel that delivers superb plot and characters will love Murder & Obsession by Yolanda Renee. I hesitate to go into detail for fear of saying too much and giving away too much of the plot dynamics. Every chapter is chock full of intrigue and a deepening inspection into the heart and soul of each character.

The depth of love between Sarah and Detective Steven Quaid sizzles. You know and fear there is nothing these two lovers won’t do for each other – nothing. I haven’t read the first two novels in this series; however, this did not impact my appreciation of book 3 (except for understanding of the Valentine killings).

Another aspect I love about Murder and Obsession is Yolanda’s gift in putting the reader into the scene; vivid descriptions of the physical scene, the terror in the mind of the characters, their desperate struggles is so well written – well, I feel like I know Alaska’s wild and unforgiving nature, and know these characters on a personal basis. And that’s what every hopes to experience.

Well done, Yolanda.

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Yolanda Renee:  At one time Alaska called to me and I answered. I learned to sleep under the midnight sun, survive in below zero temperatures, and hike the Mountain Ranges. I’ve traveled from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and the memories are some of my most valued. The wonders, mysteries, and incredible beauty that is Alaska has never left me and thus now influence my writing.

Despite my adventurous spirit, I achieved my educational goals, married, and I have two wonderful sons. Writing is now my focus, my newest adventure!

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