FORBIDDEN, Award Winning Novel



  1. Readers’ Favorite International Boo Awards: Gold in Thriller/Terrorist category
  2. Wishing Shelf Book Award: Finalist
  3. Canada Book Award Recipient

Short Synopsis:

Police captain, Hashim Sharif, is the keeper of his city’s bloody secret and a mentally ill woman who wasn’t supposed to survive. Allah may damn his soul for his devotion to a corrupt government. A CIA agent and hitmen have the lying cop in their cross hairs. When ordered to murder his prisoner, Captain Sharif is pushed to the threshold of his faith. If he fails, prayers will not save him from being buried alive. The key is forbidden and fatal.

Setting and Characters:

Set in a future Middle East city (fictional), readers experience the unique culture of a people filled with passion for their ancient history, for their tenacity to survive at all costs; where nothing exceeds the devotion to family and faith. where the splendor of the setting sun casts its glory on the mosque’s pillars with the same infatuation as on the killer gripping his knife. To read Forbidden is to feel the rapture with which its characters live and die.

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