Forbidden, Thriller / Love Finds a Way

Reader’s Favorite recognizes “Forbidden” in its annual international book award contest.

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Readers’ Favorite is proud to announce that “Forbidden” by F. Stone won the Gold Medal in the Fiction – Thriller – Terrorist category.

You can learn more about F. Stone and “Forbidden” at you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

SYNbook-cover-three-dimensional-finalOPSIS of FORBIDDEN

Better Wear Your Flak Jacket

Short Synopsis:

The Middle East government is depending upon the desert to conceal secrets and the dead from the CIA. Loyalty of one tough cop who knows too much is critical. The well being of his family seals his fate.

Forbidden to hunt for the warlord’s identity, Captain Sharif secretly plots to restore his government’s honor. He’s no stranger to risk. Criminals end up in the morgue more often than in court. His formidable reputation and flak jacket keeps him alive in the City of Sumarra’s dead end alleys. But, when an insane woman who witnessed corruption is thrown into his cells, the floor beneath his feet trembles, and the desert winds begin to reveal the awful truth.

Sharif discovers Eliza is an ally he can trust when her mind is clear. If she doesn’t get both of them killed, he may discover why people around her end up murdered. She’s a mystery. Captivated by her tenacity and courage, Sharif struggles to resist his need for the lady’s forbidden passion.

In a battle to thwart the kidnapping of his children, he understands the enemy is beyond his police squad’s tactical strength. It’s no longer a question of ensuring justice is served. Survival is the bottom line. His last hope? Get Eliza out of Samarra.

Setting and Characters:
Set in a future Middle East city (fictional), readers experience the unique culture of a people filled with passion for their ancient history, for their tenacity to survive at all costs; where nothing exceeds the devotion to family and faith. where the splendor of the setting sun casts its glory on the mosque’s pillars with the same infatuation as on the killer gripping his knife. To read Forbidden is to feel the rapture with which its characters live and die.

Research: F. Stone took her time writing Forbidden to ensure the readers would be fully entertained and gain a fresh insight into Islam – moderate Islam. After years of study, and with the guidance of an imam and a Muslim physician, Stone discovered the gentle side of Islam. She met Muslims who respected all religions, who are peacekeepers, and guardians of the environment. The Koran’s messages have suffered under years of misinterpretation when translated from Arabic to English. However, a book, The Clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab, provides a beautiful and accurate English translation of the word of Allah / God.

NOTE: Due to frequent scenes of violence and strong language, F. Stone recommends Forbidden to only adult readers. Both men and women who crave suspense with a touch of passion will savor each of Forbidden’s thrilling chapters.

The Essence of Forbidden: Forbidden is both plot and character driven. Each character is alive and fully developed. A devout Muslim police officer is pushed to a dark place, forced to make critical moral choices. In the balance hangs his life and his soul. Facing his corrupt superiors is suicidal. Confronting his past is impossible until a woman with mental illness shows him what real courage looks like.

Let me ask you, dear reader. Would you give up your life for a cop on the run?

One of F. Stone’s favorite paragraphs:
Sharif could read her thoughts as the light returned to her eyes. She had feared someone had phoned to tell her he had been killed. The thought made her throw up. He smelt it on her breath. In his mind, he told her how much he loved her. He said things he could never speak out loud. Like how the terrible accident that destroyed her family brought her to him. That he was sad he could never be good enough for her. That she had shown him what real courage looked like – without armor or weapons.


FIRST BOOK REVIEW: Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

Read Forbidden’s first five chapters at  Amazon.




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