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Year 2020, the planet has suffered catastrophic loss of humanity and land mass. Twenty seven years later, the energy crisis threatens to thrust man into the dark ages. Harsh martial law worldwide has created underground vigilantes groups.

Admiral Garland is within days of delivering a miracle. His blind ambition has led him to an alliance with a nefarious woman, Madame. Her enormous wealth and lethal private armed force has proven to fit his need for absolute secrecy. If world government leaders discover what is behind locked doors on his naval base, his exalted reputation will be destroyed. His patience has paid off. He’s about to be crowned the world’s savior. He’s become blind to the chaos he’s about to unleash.

Madame has no interest in solving the world’s energy crisis. She witnessed the power of sun crystals when a South American tribe used the glowing blue and green rocks to suddenly calm a raging storm, and then turn water into sweet red wine. With access to the American government through Garland, she is poised to conquer the planet. The kingdom of the gods is now within her grasp.

Garland and Madame arrest a spy on the New Seattle Naval Base and send the wounded and dying prisoner to an armed naval supply ship under the command of Captain Waterhouse. He receives orders to execute the strange woman. Within a day, Sidney Davenport begins to unravel his disciplined life.

Sidney is a member of the secret and powerful Guardians. She failed in her mission to stop Madame. Desperate to forestall the madness that is about to consume the planet, she reveals a secret to her manipulating executioner. Little does she know, he has been dancing with the devil far too long to be trusted.