Family History – 50,000 years in the making.

The R. Bruce Cropley story is now available on Amazon. You may be thinking I’ve made a typo; that 50,000 years should have been 50 years.

No, there’s no typo. My dad’s ancestors have been traced back 50,000 years. National Geographic Genographic Project traced his paternal ancestors route as they left Africa and followed their DNA over the wild frozen lands of Siberia, burning sun in the Middle East, developed more skills in Europe, and finally to England. North Shields is where they first became known as Cropley. They settled there for hundreds of years, somehow surviving devastating disease, famine, and continual invasions from Rome, Normans, Vikings as well as inter tribal warfare between the English and Scots. They may have been a member of the fierce Votadini Tribe in northern England. How did they eventually arrive in Canada? There is suspicion it was not by choice.

Take a good look at my dad’s face. I see a warrior. Because that’s who he was, and more.

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  1. You have an AMAZING family history. Have fun studying it. I have quite a family history too, but it has only been tracked to the 1750’s. It is so interesting learning about family history. GREAT JOB!!


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