One Stop For Writers Software by Writers Helping Writers


One Stop For Writers™

new brainstorming-centric writing software –

A library experience like no other, saving you time as you plan, research and write by having all of your favorite writing resources and tools in one place. –

One Stop For Writers: Program launch is scheduled for

October 7th

Angela Ackerman, one of the team members who created One Stop For Writers.

Feather  Stone: I’m so excited to announce my participation in the ONE STOP FOR WRITERS street team. My mission is to inform all writers of a new software which will make writing more enjoyable, and give a boost to every writer’s talent.


increase your chances of having a manuscript that

agents / publishers cannot turn down.

If this software had been available when I wrote my first two novels, the writing time would  have been cut in half. And, I’m betting my characters’ would have had more depth.

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Struggle with difficult areas of Writing? This resource tackles Writing by Topic: @onestop4writers #amwriting

Want to Better Understand a Character’s Fears, Emotional Wounds & False Beliefs? Try: @onestop4writers #writing

Need Some Help With Description? #writing #amwriting #writetip

Sample: Writing Prompts



Sample: Backstory Checklist


Sample: Character Motivation


6 thoughts on “One Stop For Writers Software by Writers Helping Writers

    1. Yes, I’m so excited to meet everyone again and listen to the presentations. I had such a great time last year. This year I’ve signed up to help at the registration desk and in the lecture rooms. Will you be there?


      1. angelaackerman1

        Unfortunately not. I signed up but had to pass my ticket on to someone else as I was invited to speak at the Australia RWA conference and fly out the same weekend. Hope to see you in 2016–I will miss WWC. It is such a great event. have a blast!


  1. Hi Shannon: Just back from the conference. Wow, was I busy running from one lecture room to the next keeping tabs on the presenters and audience. And, as usual, learned so much from the speakers. And, it was a thrill meeting Diana Gabaldon. It great to be back home, except I have to make my own breakfast now instead of having it served in the hotel’s dining room. It’s so nice being pampered for a while.


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