The Guardian’s Wildchild Making Headlines

The Romance Reviews Feather Stone: The Guardian's Wildchild is making headlines at The Romance Reviews. Wow! Have you been looking for a romance novel that has a twist? What about a unique setting? And an ending that will blow your mind, stretch your imagination? Simon & Schuster is listing The Guardian's Wildchild ebook for 99 …

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Readers, Give the Author a Smooch.

Normally, when someone does something thrilling for you, the automatic response is to express gratitude - a 'thanks', a nod and smile, a smooch, a jumping up and down and exclamations of OMG, etc. If an author has touched you in places of the heart, or elsewhere, please do NOT do what I did for …

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The Romance Reviews loves The Guardian’s Wildchild

The Romance Reviews has my book in the headlines. Whoot!