Romance Novel With a Twist

Forbidden - a crime suspense and romance novel with a twist. What is so special about romance being part of a crime suspense novel? Not much, unless the main male character is a devout Muslim. When the first few chapters of Forbidden were written, I had no intention of adding romance to the plot. After …

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#Forbiddennovel: Excerpt #2

Facing a Violent Death It took me a long time to write this piece in chapter one. After many rewrites and my editor's red pen, I'm loving the introduction of the first main character, Eliza MacKay, a reluctant heroine. She exists in a mental hell. Somehow, she manages to muster up enough anger and courage to face …

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Mustafa Akyol | Why Muslims keep fighting each other?

Feather Stone:  I hear people asking this question a lot. Perhaps this video can give you an understanding of this very complex issue.

Mustafa Akyol: Faith versus tradition in Islam

Journalist Mustafa Akyol talks about the way that some local cultural practices (such as wearing a headscarf) have become linked, in the popular mind, to the articles of faith of Islam. Has the world's general idea of the Islamic faith focused too much on tradition, and not enough on core beliefs?

Christians and Muslim, Both Devoted to God

Writing Forbidden required two years of research before I started the first sentence. I really fought the urge to write this story because, first and foremost, I knew nothing about Islam. And since the culture and beliefs are so important to Forbidden's story, I thought I would not do the story justice. For months I …

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