Seven Abandoned Kittens Saved Me

Seven abandoned and freezing kittens saved my mental health, probably my life.

WildNorth: Surviving Alberta’s Wild North Highways

WildNorth Emergency Transport - my record for the longest and most costly transport - 1129 kilometers (700 miles), 12 hours traveling time; and $400 (gas, lodging, food, windshield washer fluid) As a WildNorth transport volunteer, I've developed a reputation for taking on the long distance runs. Driving Alberta's ribbon of highways and backwoods country roads …

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A Bat Loose in my SUV

As a transport volunteer with WildNorth, I take on the responsibility of transporting injured wildlife to WildNorth's hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. This story reveals how one such transport almost became a disaster. WildNorth received a call that a small bat had an injured wing. The rescuers were from Fairview area - about five hours from …

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Life’s Surprises

On Thursday, I was presented with a surprise - and an education. I was on call for wildlife emergency transports. Just when I thought I'd have lunch, I got a call to bring a waterfowl bird located near a Leduc residence (about an hour's drive from my home) to the WildNorth hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. …

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Heading On an Amazing Adventure – Saving Lives

During this past winter I watched several episodes of Hope for Wildlife, a TV series about a woman in Nova Scotia, Canada. She and her team of several volunteers take in wild birds and animals which have been injured and/or orphaned. This inspired me to the point of seeking a similar opportunity to volunteer in …

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