I’m Getting Annoyed, Really Ticked Actually With Reviewers.

Reviewers Beware! Some readers have been quite harsh in commenting on Forbidden’s seer – Eliza MacKay.

I should be a bit more blase when it comes to being annoyed with people who believe being a seer is someone with a crystal ball, using super natural paranormal talents.

In fact, we are all seers. To some extent, we all use this ‘gateway’ to a higher awareness but mostly, and often embarrassingly refer to it as ‘my gut, or ‘my intuition.’ I don’t know of anyone of my associates who haven’t experienced an illogical reaction to being in a particular location, attending an event, or making a purchase, etc. etc. You instinctively ‘see’ a consequence, a condition, a reward or threat associated with the idea, plan or action.

The seer is one who has flexed those intuition muscles and has become more adept at discerning what is fact and what is fantasy. Eliza MacKay in Forbidden is a character who has proven she has had success in finding lost dogs, being able to see where they are (if they aren’t running). She doesn’t portray herself having some supernatural gift bestowed upon her by a deity. She’s no goddess, and certainly no saint.

young woman in the dark

My ire with a few reviewers is justified. The first chapter, in fact first few paragraphs, she’s struggling with a strong intuition (seer) that she should get out of RIPT. She’s torn. She’s promised to meet a Habitat for Humanity group to be their interpreter. She can’t abandon them. As the chapter progresses, it is clear that she is truly in great danger.

Reviewers seem to get rankled when, much later in the story, she offers to help Captain Sharif find his children through touching the child’s coat or gazing into a map. The reviewers state that ‘suddenly’ she became a seer. No, that characteristic was introduced in chapter one, paragraph one. Damn! Sometime I wonder if reviewers read the bloody story or if they simply skim, reading every other sentence. Is there a trend to see how fast a reader can finish the book? How many books can they read in a year?

This assessment is from reading each review and discovering some readers did not grasp the plot, the motives, the chain of events, etc. Now, if every reader had the same difficulty, obviously the fault is with me, the author, in not writing a clear and well though out story. However, since most did fully understand the story, I wonder why other readers were confused. If they were required to write an exam on what they just read, they’d flunk.

There’s one more point I want to make clear. Some readers believe that what was forbidden is that Captain Sharif was not allowed to have a relationship with a non-Muslim. That is not true. The reader’s personal beliefs and misconceptions tainted their experience with Forbidden. What happened to having an open mind?

Fact: What is true for a devout Muslim, is that he or she should not be intimate before marriage. A Muslim man can marry any woman he chooses, regardless of her religion. Sadly, the reverse is different. A devout Muslim woman must marry only a Muslim man (to ensure the children are raised as Muslims). However, in a moderate Muslim community, there is more flexibility.

I’m done with my rant. Thanks.


#Comedy Book Week: HANS & GRETA by Nicki Elson

 Feather Stone:  You’ve got to read Hans & Greta. It’s hilarious. Among our author community and Nicki’s fans, she is particularly admired for her talent in creating unforgettable characters and shocking plot twists. That’s why her books are so popular. I just love her writing. This week, Nicki is participating in the #Comedy Book Week. It’s a real treat to feature Nicki Elson on my blog.


Welcome to #ComedyBookWeek, an annual, online celebration of humor in writing. Today Nicki Elson is going to take us for a walk into the woods with an excerpt from her twisted fairy tale novella, HANS & GRETA. But first, how about a video preview…

Excerpt from HANS & GRETA by Nicki Elson

TWIGS SNAPPED UNDERFOOT, and the pale light of the moon dimmed as the branches overhead grew thicker.

“I can’t believe they ran out of food,” Liesel complained.

“They were hardly out of food,” said Hans. “They just didn’t have any more of what you liked.”

“Pepper knows I swore off carbs years ago, and did you taste that pâté? It was completely inedible. I’m glad she’s so smitten with her new huntsman boyfriend and all, but venison-wurst? Gag me with a harpsichord.”

Hans reluctantly followed his fiancé deeper into the woods. “Be nice.”

She glanced over her shoulder and smirked, lifting her long skirt to expose a teasing ankle. “Oh, I plan to be.” Skipping ahead, she disappeared behind two fat tree trunks.

Hans paused and barely managed to stifle a groan. Six months ago, such flirtation would’ve elicited a completely different kind of groan. But six months ago he’d barely known her. Back then she’d simply been the pretty daughter of a wealthy financier—the ticket to saving his father’s woodcarving business. He’d truly believed it would be easy enough to fall in love with her, but as the months ticked by he realized that no amount of wavy blond hair nor evenings spent with her plump lips applying just the right amount of pressure to his various pleasure points could make up for the rotting carcass of a soul that resided beneath all that beauty.

He couldn’t go through with it, not all the way to the wedding. But he’d play along with the engagement. Before the church bells started ringing, however, the financial documents would be signed, his father’s business would be saved, and he could break off the relationship quietly, tastefully, finally. Until then…

“Liesel, stop! We’re going to lose our way if you go any further. We really should get back.”

She peeked out from behind a tree several yards ahead. “Didn’t you drop any bread crumbs?” Her long, lean arm emerged from behind her back, and she flourished a pair of white, lacy panties and dropped them to the forest floor. “Guess we’ll just have to leave something else behind.”

She dashed off again, further into the forest, and Hans clenched his fists, tempted to turn around and leave her to be the victim of her own folly. But then he thought of his father—his kind, gentle father who’d already lost so much—and took long strides into the forest.

He found her leaning against a tree, waiting for him. A silvery beam of light broke miraculously through the leafy branches to illuminate her sensual form, casting an enticing glow upon every curve. Even Hans, jaded against her as he was, couldn’t help but admire the vision. He reflected that his lot wasn’t the worst that could befall a man and didn’t resist when she reached out and pulled him to her.

Pressing his fiancé against the rough bark, feeling her mouth open readily under his, he attempted to set ethics aside for the moment and give himself over to passion. She clearly wanted it—she always did—so who was being hurt?

The acrid aftertaste of cigarettes bit at his tongue. The sour flavor of stagnant garlic and whatever else had been on that edamame she’d sucked down earlier choked him. Reflexively, he pulled back.

“This again?” she whined.

“I’m sorry, love. Truly I am.”

Pouting, she ran a polished fingernail along the side of his face. “What are we going to do with you?”

“I think the question is, what are you not going to do with me?”

She huffed. “I just can’t understand why you’re more concerned with my virtue than I am lately. You had no problem deflowering me months ago.”

“Your flower had already been de’d,” he retorted but switched tactics when he was met by a cold glare. “Maybe it’s not about virtue; maybe it’s more about wanting to cool off for a bit so that it will be special on our wedding night.”

“Or maybe it’s all about what you want, and what I want be damned!” She purposely dug her fingernail into the side of his face as she scratched down and pushed away from the tree, away from him. Her eyes carried a wild glint he’d become all too familiar with. “Perhaps I’ve made things too easy for you, hm? Perhaps what you really want is a chase!” She took off into the darkness.

“Bitchy and crazy,” he muttered to himself as he moved forward, less than eager to catch up.

See what happens next at Nancee Cain’s blog tomorrow.


The Guardian’s Wildchild Making Headlines

The Romance Reviews

by Feather Stone
by Feather Stone

Feather Stone: The Guardian’s Wildchild is making headlines at The Romance Reviews. Wow!

Have you been looking for a romance novel that has a twist? What about a unique setting? And an ending that will blow your mind, stretch your imagination?

Simon & Schuster is listing The Guardian’s Wildchild ebook for 99 cents. Continue reading “The Guardian’s Wildchild Making Headlines”

Witness a bullet turn your little Guardian brain into mush.


The Guardian’s Wildchildebook 99 cents at Simon & Schuster

Excellent gift for military personnel

Excerpt Scene: Sidney Davenport has been captured trespassing on Admiral Garland’s naval base, and found guilty of sabotage. Shot trying to escape, she’s about to be transferred for execution.

Captain Frank Butchart-001Sidney was awakened by footsteps approaching her cell. They were pounding, like those of a man strutting and sure of himself. Captain Butchart stopped in front of her cell door, smiling with contempt and satisfaction. With a wave of his hand he dismissed the two security guards.

“Good morning, Miss Davenport. That is your name, according to what you told us when the serum went to work.” Butchart stood tall, his arms across his chest. “No need for further questioning, my dear. Did you sleep well?” he asked sarcastically.

Sidney mustered up some strength. She wondered just how much she’d revealed. Most of the previous day was a blank. Her mind was so muddled she could barely recall how her hand had been injured. She shuffled to the cell door.

“I’ve been better, Captain.”

Butchart smiled. “So, how is dear old Greystone?”

Sidney was taken aback. “Who?”

“My dear little witch, it became obvious when that bullet wound in your hand was healing so rapidly. Then, too, the serum had minimal effect on your brain, though it just might kill you in a day or so.” He paced a few steps back and forth in front of her cell’s door. “And another Guardian will be eliminated.”

“Frank, Greystone hasn’t forgotten you. Someone will soon come to bring you back home to him.”

“He can try,” he said with a pasted on smile.

Sidney hung onto the metal bars of her cell door. “Tell me, does the admiral know who you really are?”

Butchart pounced at her. “Shut your damn mouth,” he hissed. “So far your father has escaped my traps, but you are finished. None of you are going to interfere with my business here.” He stepped back and regained his military posture. “You’re being transferred to a ship. I’ll personally escort you there and provide Captain Waterhouse with orders to have you executed.”

He stepped up close to the cell door. “And then I’ll have the pleasure of witnessing the bullet turn your little Guardian brain into mush. You’re in no condition to stop a bullet.”

Butchart hauled her outside to the rear of the building and waited as the chopper descended. The captain held a knife against her ribs. “If anything out of the ordinary happens, anything at all, the slightest tremor in the chopper’s engines, you’re dead. Is that clear?”

Sidney nodded. Stumbling toward the chopper, she struggled to focus. The drug in her blood was again creating a dense mental fog. She felt her body gradually giving in to its poison. Dust rose and swirled with the force of the blades whipping through the air. Bits of grit stung her face. The captain shoved her through the doorway of the chopper and strapped her into a seat.

The Two Most Daring and Beguiling Characters You’ll Ever Meet

The Guardian's Wildchild

The Guardian’s Wildchild,

a story of mystics and murder. Trespass into a world of evil. Feel the horror that drives men and women risk more than their life, lose more than their soul.Can the Higher Good vanquish madness?  The planet’s future lies on the shoulders of one mystic and one naval captain.

 ebook available at Simon and Schuster for 99 cents



d11bb-sidney2bdavenportSidney Ivey Davenport, otherwise known as Wildchild, was born in Vancouver year 2018. Her Guardian family moves to Hawk’s Island to ensure safety of Sidney and her brother; and to provide a Guardian Elder mentor to guide her innate supernatural powers.

Sidney grows bold and beautiful and had distaste for rules. Affectionately known as Wildchild due to her rebellious nature, her self-confident grows in step with her powerful gifts. As rebellious as she could be, she loves Greystone and her Guardian, Stone Clan even more. She becomes a powerful Guardian, particularly in manipulating energy of objects, time/space travel, and rapid healing. She will need all her powers, and more, in an attempt to stop the evil Madame.

Once the Guardian’s knew their sun crystals had been discovered by Madame, they foresaw a planet on the verge of madness. They sent their most powerful Guardian into the darkness to stop Madame. Their visions had failed to reveal that Sidney was ill prepared to deal with another dark force, more lethal than Madame.

Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.
Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.

Samaru Alan Waterhouse was born April 1, 2008 in Seattle, Washington. His father was an Admiral in the American Naval Forces, mother was Japanese and a Guardian, but she had kept that a secret. Sam’s parents were killed in the Great Quake of 2020. Raised in foster homes, he was steered away from his mother’s Buddhist and Guardian influence. However, he remained intuitive and practiced meditation.

He is tall and maintains a rigorous program to remain fit. He’s retreated into a dark place following the murder of his wife. The abduction of his sons has driven him to near madness. To remain sane, he lives by the naval rule book and code of an officer.

As captain of a US naval ship, he commands a strong crew, some who like to push his buttons to ‘lighten up.’ He’s unaware that he is transporting mysterious, powerful crystals to an admiral who is league with Madame. He’s also in charge of executing the admiral’s enemies.  His meticulous world unravels when a strange woman is brought to his ship for execution.