New Book Coming Soon

This is a record of the remarkable life of my dad, Richard Bruce Cropley, and his ancestors. Starting with the National Geographic Genographic Project identifying paternal DNA from 50,000 years ago, to detailed records of his ancestors who overcame every imaginable obstacle and disaster, this record provides proof of the tenacious spirit engraved in my dad’s DNA.

It is without question my family owes much to our ancestors who fought against extinction and invasions; and to R. Bruce Cropley who stood tall and strong in spite of terrible odds and never surrendered his values of honesty, hard work, and helping whoever came to his door. I can hear him say that no matter the difficulty, ‘never bloody give up’.

He could recite the names of his ancestors and tell stories that amazed my brothers and me. A big man with large fists that would deter attack from man or beast, R. Bruce Cropley loved card games and to laugh with his neighbors and his family.

Because of his and our ancestors’ DNA coding, my dad’s descendants have the foundation to succeed with honor, compassion, courage, and integrity. Our ancestors’ gift of DNA is eternal.

Once Amazon approves of the formatting and book cover, this will be my first non-fiction book on Amazon. It is a bit of a step up from my previous publications: hard cover and color, and 228 pages. It has taken 20 years to collect all the available stories and data from, birth certificates, etc. It’s been a huge challenge and there were times I wanted to give up.

But then, there was a whisper in my ear, “Never bloody give up.”


8 thoughts on “New Book Coming Soon

  1. Hey! I wasn’t done yet. I just wanted to add that I’m sure your dad is smiling on you and is so, so proud of his daughter for honoring her DNA and persevering through the challenges of this project. Cheers to you, your dad, and your ancestors!

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      1. I’ve become so distracted that I’ve not written anything new in the last couple of years. But I’m tiptoeing back into the practice by journaling. I lost my dad last year, and that was rough. It’s actually still kind of rough. I miss him SO much. But I’ve got happy distractions, too—my oldest daughter is getting married this year! And I’ve got a couple of international trips planned that I’m super excited about. So…maybe I’ll start really writing again in 2024.

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      1. Life is crazy and the pandemic sure did not help. So I’m doing OK. I AM looking forward to reading your book as I have some amazing family history including I’m related to Herbert Hoover – how is that for a surprise?! Plus, my Great Grandfather was the Superior Court Judge to the State of California. I have MORE history too. I’m just now going to submit my DNA to see if there are more surprises for me.

        I hope you are doing well! Take care!

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