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I found the ending to my third novel (actually FORBIDDEN’s final chapters).

For the past two years my muse has painted vivid and dark images of FORSAKEN’s (working title) plot. The chapters are horrifying. He is pushing my writing depth into a zone I’d rather not even think about.

So far, I have not placed one sentence, not even a phrase into the light of my world. Dwelling on madness of human beings may draw the attention of the twisted. However, being that I place priorities on my beautiful animals and friends, I’m trusting that loving energy is suffice to deter criminal minds from spying on the “Welcome” mat at my front door. I hope.

There’s been another excuse for my reluctance to get down to serious writing of this thriller. Until this past weekend, I could not see the ending. The grande finale is as important as those first few lines, the first paragraph.

Then, in an almost meditative state, sitting in the hospital’s emergency waiting room, the ending played out in cinematographic detail. Magical!

The vision was beautiful.

How did you find your novel’s ending? Did you begin with a conscious “what if” ending, and then build on that? Or do you wait for the muse to sift through the unlimited possibilities and present the climax to you, the one and only right and perfect ending?

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  1. I find that I must have some vague notion of the ending before I can start the novel. I mean, how do you where to steer your shop (novel) if you do not know the destination? Best of writing to you!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Roland. Funny thing about planned endings. My first two novels had planned endings. Finally, after struggling with some niggling details, the ending switched to a different direction completely – and so much more exciting. What’s that saying? “The best laid plans of mice and men ….” LOL

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  2. jenlanebooks

    Way to make something good out of an ER visit! I don’t find the ER waiting room to be the most meditative environment… 😉 Hope your health is okay.

    The ending to one of my books was unplanned but it felt like the right way to end it. Unfortunately it was a cliffhanger and some of my readers were rather annoyed with me!

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    1. No big health issue. A bladder infection is mostly just uncomfortable but must be dealt with post haste to avoid bigger troubles. So, being on a long holiday weekend with no drs available, I presented myself to the local hospital emerg, apologized for troubling them with my minor problem and waited. Being triaged as low priority, I watched other patients come and go. When I was finally placed in an exam room, I complained about being cold. A kind nurse gave me a heated blanket. I laid down and dozed. That’s when the muse got busy, I guess, LOL. Feeling fine now.


  3. Congratulations! I’ve learned to write the ending very early in my drafting. Free writing helps. I have a series of exercises in Sarah Domet’s 90 Days to your Novel I like to use. Happy IWSG Day 🙂

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