Born Whole, an Amazing Book

My friend and spiritual mentor, Wes Gietz, has published Born Whole. I’ve known Wes for many years and have benefited from his wisdom, the clarity of his messages, and calm guidance. Participating in his awareness programs, I and many others have awakened to a spiritual realm through his meditations and walks in nature. He is a joy to be with.

For a limited time Wes Gietz’s non-fiction book is free. Click on the Amazon link below to download your FREE copy.


Do you feel grief or heaviness when you consider the time before you were born? Do you sense that your mother’s thoughts and emotions affected you then and throughout your life? 

If your answer is “Yes!”, read this life-changing book.

Would you like to be able to accompany and guide your children lovingly through their time in the womb?

If your answer is “Yes!”, read this life-changing book.

Born Whole is the inspiring first-person account of how a trained meditator revisited his time in the womb, and how he healed his own pre-birth trauma.

This is a story of personal triumph and growth. Even more, it is a description of what is possible for everyone.

The author of Born Whole re-lived three major pre-birth events while in a deep altered state of consciousness: his own conception, implantation, and labor. Later he revisited the environment of the womb and experienced again the wonder and stresses of his mother’s ongoing emotions, worldview, and physical circumstances. This is the story of his journey. Born Whole also includes the beautiful story of how he spiritually guided a baby through its birth.

In Born Whole you will learn how the experiences and environment of the womb prepare you for life after birth. You will discover

  • How to re-experience for yourself the pain and the beauty of your pre-birth experience
  • That life before birth is not all easy, just as life after birth is not all easy—and the stresses of the womb are absolutely necessary for survival
  • How to heal and transform womb trauma from events such as conception and birth
  • How to heal negative effects of the womb environment arising from emotional stress, beliefs, food, drugs, or physical circumstances experienced by your mother.

Born Whole is for parents, grandparents, nurses, midwives and others who work with babies yet to be born. You will discover

  • That children can be born emotionally healthy, already knowing they are welcome and will be loved by the same people who have been with them all along
  • How it is possible to accompany and guide a yet-to-be-born (or yet-to-be-conceived!) babythrough the wonderful and challenging time of conception and gestation to be born whole with your presence, love, and reassurance on that beautiful journey.

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