Prison Break

My Life As a Wildlife Transport Volunteer for WILDNORTH, Alberta

Ralph’s Trailblazer (TB) is putting on the miles transporting everything from a fawn, weasel, skunk, to tiny baby birds several times a week. It’s a 2006 but he drove it so rarely that even after 13 years, the mileage is only at 92,000 klicks (about 57,000 miles) and running perfectly (knocking on wood).

Yesterday after finishing a shift at WildNorth hospital admin, I backed up TB to the hospital’s doors. The medical staff loaded three birds, all bound for the rehabilitation centre north of Spruce Grove. The birds each have their own cardboard box, but for extra safety I place the boxes in the dog crates in case I have to make a sudden stop or swerve to miss an idiot. The precious cargo will remain safely secured in their boxes, in my blankets in the dog crate.

While driving to the rehab centre, I realized there was a third reason to transport the boxed birds in my dogs’ crates. Mr. Yellow Belly Sap Sucker was feverishly planning a prison break. I could hear him pecking so hard that I thought he had made his escape out of the box and was now tearing apart the dog crate. When I arrived at the rehab centre, it was with great relief to find that he/she was still safe inside its box.

What fun!

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