Canada Book Award Winner: Forbidden

Forbidden has received its third award.

Canada Book Award WINNER
Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket
Author: F. Stone

Police captain, Hashim Sharif, is the keeper of his city’s bloody secret and a mentally ill woman who wasn’t supposed to survive. Allah may damn his soul for his devotion to a corrupt government. A CIA agent and hitmen test his loyalty. Honor and the survival of his prisoner drive him to the threshold of his faith. The key is forbidden and fatal.

The Canada Book Awards program recognizes and promotes Canadian author outstanding accomplishment. The Canada Book Awards is an ongoing book assessment program that honours Canadian authors regardless of when their books and/or eBooks were published.

The Canada Book Awards is not a contest and has no fee, annual deadline or publication date limitation. The award program recognizes the timelessness of a book’s merit whether the book is new or older. Regular books and/or eBooks are eligible for submission and assessment as long as the author is Canadian.

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