Book Review: Forbidden

Recently, I met a vibrant woman at a ProBiz meeting in Spruce Grove. Her story captivated me. So very centered and genuine, Karen Potts revealed her journey to becoming successful and empowered both as a business woman and in her personal life.

Karen has two websites: Work with Karen Lynn and she discovered Neora, a product that offers health and wellness. And here’s her facebook page.

Karen’s words of wisdom: “Inside each of us is a great story, waiting to be written. It may just need some inspiration and the tweaking of some long-held perspectives. Coaching is something I have embraced to support myself and others in polishing their inner beauty to a radiance that shines through the outer beauty.

In addition, to ensure my outer beauty continues to be as vibrant as possible, I use science based, anti-aging products for face, body, brain & internal wellness. 

Obviously I have situations that create feelings of unworthiness from time to time. I use my skills and knowledge to be curious and to listen to what my self is trying to tell me. 

I choose to be vibrant and healthy!  And I hope you will too!”

Karen noticed I had brought a few copies of my thriller novel, Forbidden, to the meeting, just in case…. I gave her a copy. There’s always a little trepidation that the reader won’t enjoy my novels. They are not everyones taste in reading material. Thriller novels can appeal to both men and woman, but only those who don’t cringe readily at some of the darker aspects of humanity will find the story captivating.

Two weeks later Karen contacted me with the following glowing review.

Karen Potts’ Review of Forbidden: “I have been totally distracted ever since I met this phenomenal author, Judy Feather Stone, just over a week ago! I took home a copy of FORBIDDEN which I could NOT put down until I finished!

Judy has a way of illuminating the light & the darkness in humanity with her brilliant character development & enticing plot! Even though there were brutal acts of violence that literally made me shudder – there were also genuine acts of love, sacrifice & goodness. If you like adventure & romance you will enjoy this read!

Thank you so much for this gift. 💜 I am adding it to my collection of signed books!!”

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