The House of Happy Green Things

Have you had trouble with the contamination of your flower beds by kitties who like to pee among the petunias? I hope to find out what to do about that at The Enjoy Centre’s free talk by Jim Hole. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon there with a good friend who also is as crazy about gardening as I am. Jim Hole talked about taking care of succulents and cacti. It was so much fun and we had a very tasty lunch. Can’t wait to go back to the house of happy green things, LOL.

Jim Hole’s Free Talk: The Not-So-Scary Science of Soils
Sat. April 6 – 1:00 pm
Dig deep into dirt and uncover its golden secret to bigger, strong plants! Jim will discuss everything from the difference between dirt & soil, to how to deal with clay soil in your garden to how your soil may be the reason your plants keep dying. Plus, Jim will talk about unique planting mediums, such as orchid media and our new Bamboo Biochar.