IWSG: Writing Is a Reflection of Who I Am ….

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Optional Question this Month: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

Writing a novel is a reflection of my life’s experiences – the good, the sad, and the nasty. It has been interesting to analyze my writing and note a central common theme and recurring characters all of which come from the best and worst of who I am.

In every vision that I bring forth, it is born from the times I felt the horror as I held the lifeless and bloody hand of a murdered victim. The years of feeling trapped by circumstances out of my control. The devastation of watching the end of a life, the bliss of witnessing the birth of a new life. The guilt in wanting to escape but finding the courage to surrender to love. The breathless joy of suddenly racing past a perceived limitation. The incredible awe of tuning into a dimension that science can’t measure.

All of this and more, events and people that have shaped my character and stoked the fires of my fears, are woven into The Guardian’s Wildchild and Forbidden.





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    1. Thank you, Gwynn. Throughout the years since childhood, I was too frightened to express the depth of my emotions, fearing rejection and overwhelming my friends. I had become almost mute until I left home. Thankfully, writing has allowed the authentic self to stretch and breathe and sing.

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    1. I was a paramedic for many years in the city of Edmonton. It opened my eyes to a side of humanity that had never touched this country farm girl before. It was a steep learning curve. Thankfully, through the wise and strong partnerships within my ambulance partners I was able to grow in strength and courage. It was an incredibly rewarding experience.


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