Aloha Outlet is Helping Me Pack For a Luxury Cruise

Taking a sabbatical from writing, marketing, and fretting over sales has been the best decision I’ve made in a long while. I do miss the writing part but it was necessary to wipe the creative slate clean. In the past year since my dear husband died, I’ve made several new beginnings, regained my confidence, and have been throwing out the old. I’m sure my neighbors  are wondering if a tornado hit my house seeing all the stuff that has been shunted to the curb for pickup.

Ralph and I used to travel a lot, especially to Hawaii. It was tempting to buy a plane ticket to Honolulu and revisit our favorite haunts (we lived there for four years). But then, something in my gut said that wasn’t a good idea. Travel brochures kept arriving in my mailbox, perhaps a hint from the travel gods to look in a different direction. After several hours, okay months, of scanning the possibilities, I broke out of the shell that kept me feeling I couldn’t travel without Ralph. There staring at me was a trip that we had considered but it was always quickly sold out. This trip, Wonders of the Ancients, was in the midst of a brief promotion for early bookings. So now I have two years to look forward to, to plan and pack.

Who out there wouldn’t go on a luxury cruise. In TWO YEARS (yes, crazy far away) I’ll be in Dubai, boarding the Nautica ship with Oceania. Twenty days later I’ll arrive at Rome and head for home. Already, I’m planning my wardrobe. What do you think about this dress (see link below) that I plan to order from my favorite Hawaiian shop, Aloha Outlet…

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2 thoughts on “Aloha Outlet is Helping Me Pack For a Luxury Cruise

  1. Wahoo for you. Bon Voyage when the times come and what a great inspiration to think about when the doldrums hit. Go You! You’re gonna look great in that dress.


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