Just Reviews has written the most comprehensive and beauitful review of Forbidden. It’s amazing.

Just Reviews

Forbidden: F Stone

Within this world there are many who would destroy our hopes and dreams for a better life and freedom. Within the hush comes the gunfire and sounds of people silenced. Beyond the screams comes the truth behind the slaying of 15 people coming to help others from Habitat of Humanity. Americans with a mission to help those less fortunate. So, who wanted them dead? Terrorized, brutalized, silenced and the hush becomes a silent whisper. When Police Captain Hashim Sharif is enlisted to find out what happened to the others he meets the one person hiding in the right place and not executed Eliza Mackay who becomes his captive. Wishing at first and wondering why she was spared links her up in an unholy alliance with Sharif. The heads of his government wants the entire situation buried along with Eliza. He becomes her jailer, keeper and boss you…

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