#IWSG: F. Stone AWOL

Hello IWSG. Yes, F. Stone is going AWOL. Have you ever had a day when you feel so numb, physically and emotionally that it’s difficult to think clearly. That’s me for the past few months. It has been a struggle writing meaningful guest posts, entertaining responses to interviews.  I have been putting on my author face and charging up an engaging personality. That’s what followers and readers want to see / hear. This week, F. Stone ran out of gas.

Seclusion. I need to retreat. Both as a widow and author, I am going to take time to heal. So many of you have been especially supportive. I am grateful.

Wishing everyone much success and joy.


5 thoughts on “#IWSG: F. Stone AWOL

  1. I have a friend who took about two years to deal with the loss of her husband, but she is finally coming into her own. You have pushed and pushed, but you NEED TIME for YOU!!! You have been so successful… enjoy a break! I’m sending GOOD VIBRATIONS your way!


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