5 Star Reviews: Forbidden on Sale Until April 12th

Forbidden – Top 14% Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, International Mystery & Crime on Amazon.com
Reviewer Rating: 4.7

For a limited time, Forbidden’s ebook price is reduced at Amazon.com
April 7th: 99 cents
April 10th 1.99
April 13th price returns to 2.99

What is so thrilling about Forbidden?

Better Wear Your Flak Jacket
Gunfire echoes within the walls of a Middle East police compound. Screams of terror are brutally silenced. Police captain Hashim Sharif captures one survivor. Soon Eliza MacKay will wish she had died with her companions.

The vile act of terrorism is covered-up. Sharif becomes the reluctant keeper of his city’s bloody secret – and the witness, MacKay. His corrupt superiors have a gun rammed against his skull. Disloyalty to the mayor will be rewarded with being buried alive.

Whatever the cost, his government’s honor must be restored. Secretly, Sharif hunts forensic evidence. Who is responsible for the murder of fifteen American volunteers? And, why did MacKay lie about her identity? He can’t trust her. Her mental illness is going to get both of them killed.

When he receives orders to dispose of MacKay, his Muslim faith is tested. Murder an innocent in cold blood? He will suffer Allah’s eternal wrath.

CIA Agent Hutchinson has the lying Sharif in his cross hairs. Sharif dodges the agent’s traps almost as easily as the hitman on his tail. When Sharif discovers the shocking truth, he loses all hope of survival.

What is worth dying for? Perhaps it’s not bringing a madman to justice. Could it be saving the life of a woman who kick-started his numb heart? On the knife edge of risk, Sharif plots an act most forbidden and fatal.

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    1. Thank you, Gwynn. I contact Barnes & Noble to add Forbidden’s print version on their site but they turned me down. They sent me to InstagramSpark. However, since you’re so wonderful, I will gladly offer you a free ebook in exchange for a review. Interested?

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  1. Oh BUMMER! Feather I don’t own anything for reading an ebook. However, I am on AJ Banner’s Street Team, so I do review her books. However, she is a neighbor and can hand me a book. Thanks for the delightful offer. Otherwise, I WOULD have been interested.


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