Gifts for Forbidden’s Book Launch Celebration Heros

book-cover-three-dimensional-finalForbidden rose to #3 on February 14th at the Amazon charts and remained up in the top ten for the duration of the book launch …. all because of my book launch heros.

To My Heroic Team of Authors …

who showcased all the great stuff about Forbidden,

who read Forbidden and wrote all those awesome reviews,

who put up with my clumsy leadership in creating this book launch celebration,

…. as my dear Eliza MacKay would say

Your all so friggin wonderful!

Nicki Elson

Jennifer Lane

Juneta Key

Patricia Garcia

Lily Eva Blake

Cindy DeJagger

Yolanda Renee

Nancee Cain

Michelle Willms

Now for the promised gift – a mega awesome, shut the front door exciting, …

$200 Amazon Gift Card

And, that’s just the meat and potatoes reward. Next is desert. Yes, yes, yes. Courtesy of Cindy DeJagger from

OPAL, The Magazine by Canadian Authors & Writers

(and available worldwide for free), one super lucky hero will receive this gift certificate –

FREE 1/2 page ad in color.   Value of $96   Whooot!



SURPRISE:  I’m not done yet! For those who did not win the $200 Amazon Gift Card, nor the FREE ad in Opal, Bart and I are sending each of you a …..

$20 Amazon gift card.

Bart and I are just so friggin happy we have to dance. Thank you everyone so very much.


“Okay, Bart, we must not keep our team waiting any longer. How are you going to pick the winners?”

“I pick? Okay, okay,” he says jumping like crazy. He’s starting to get over heated, turning his green skin to a lovely shade of puce.

“Bart, (aka husband) you’re gonna croak if you keep that up. I’ll take over. Here, put each name in a hat and pick one.”

Drum Roll:  Grand prize winner of the $200 Amazon gift card is Jennifer Lane. Congratulations, Jen. Please send me your email address to receive your digital Amazon gift card.

Second prize winner, FREE ad in OPAL magazine is Yolanda Renee. Congratulations, Yolanda. I will email the OPAL gift certificate to you.

Now, my lovelies, all the rest will receive a $20 USD Amazon Gift Card. I probably have  your email addresses, but to be on the safe side, please send to me the email address I should use for sending the Amazon gift card to you. Mine is

Thanks a zillion, my dear friends.


6 thoughts on “Gifts for Forbidden’s Book Launch Celebration Heros

  1. Hi,
    I just got in from an in and out Sunday and Monday being partially on the road and took time to read this. It is now 9:35 p.m. at night here but I didn’t want to go to bed before I tell you how proud I am of you, and I was extremely proud of being on your team.
    You have a great book in Forbidden and some of my German readers, (I don’t know how many) who are native English speakers and non Native speakers have downloaded your book.
    All the best Feather.
    Thank you for letting me participate in your success.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia


  2. Reblogged this on Book Reviews by Pat Garcia and commented:

    Hello Everyone,
    On February 14, I participated on the launch team of F. Stone for her new romantic suspense book, Forbidden. The first week of the launch her book reached a number three ranking and has stayed on the top ten list. That is because of loyal readers like you who followed the call and downloaded her book. I want to thank all of you who downloaded her book based on the review that I wrote. You all are wonderful readers, and I am so thankful that you take me at my word when I say a book is a good read.
    I just wanted to share part of Feather’s success with you because you helped make it the success that it is.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia


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