Join My Thunderclap Party – PLEASE!

It’s Free and It’s Easy

Most of all, you will be helping me get this message out.

Read Forbidden for free in exchange for a written review.

All I’m asking from my dear followers is to share that message to their followers by participating in my Thunderclap. This action must be done before January 29th, or the message croaks – well, almost literally. If I fail to meet my quota of 100 supporters, that message gets deleted.

Currently, I have 74 supporters. I need 26 more loyal, caring, devoted readers to support my message.

Will you follow the link and add your support (to your facebook, twitter, etc.). Pick one, or pick all your social media sites. When you add your support, my message goes to your fans and friends ONCE .

Follow, click on Croak, my muse, to lend me your support. Thanks a zillion.

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