Forbidden’s Seduction: Unique POV

I’m endeavoring to survive another steep learning curve – the do’s and do not’s of a book launch. What I’m discovering is that the launch of a novel can be compared to the controlled chaos of dazzling fireworks. Authors need to infiltrate all corners of marketing cyberspace like streams drawn to lowlands in a quest to reach the sea – the massive expanse of readers thirsting for the next intoxicating novel. In about three seconds, their book cover must capture thousands of readers with enough zing to draw them to read the synopsis. There’s goes another time limit – about one to two minutes.

Writers become good at seduction, like ‘ladies of the night,’ we learn how to stand above the competitors. This made me think about the marketing strategy for Forbidden. What is unique about a middle east setting and bloody scenes? Currently, there are abundant novels which depict the horrors of civil war and terrorism. Forbidden has all that, but something different. Very different.

Forbidden is written in the point of view of a devout Muslim cop.

Captain Sharif’s police compound has been breached. Fifteen Americans murdered. CIA agent Frank Hutchinson has proof the cop is lying and has him in his crosshairs, eager to exact revenge. Captain Sharif must please his corrupt superiors; and yet see justice served, and abide by the Koran. He’s in hell, with no way to escape – either be buried alive or suffer Allah’s wrath. In the balance hangs the life of Eliza MacKay, witness to the massacre. Desperate, Sharif initiates an act more forbidden and fatal.

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