ROMANCE UNDER FIRE – Unrelenting Heat

CIA agent, Frank Hutchinson, tracks his suspect. He’s determined to capture the killer of the 15 Americans. That fact that the bastard is a cop makes him even more determined to get revenge.

Are you wondering about my slogan,

Romance Under Fire?

Romance Under Fire (RUF) novels by Feather Stone are full of fire. Often gunfire. Always, the plot is a blaze of fast-paced action. The character’s passion – intense heat. From page one to the final word, the fire will remain with you. Bring your flak jacket, your wine / beer, and enjoy the heat.

What makes a RUF novel special?

Having witnessed and/or experienced thirty years worth of tradgedy and horror as a paramedic, Feather Stone has the fodder to create intense plots. RUF novels portray the mind numbing fear, hopelessness, desperation, gut-wrenching grief Feather Stone’s patients experienced. In concert is the heroic actions of the police, fire personnel, and her fellow advanced life support staff. Sometimes they won the battles with death’s dark angel. Sometimes they lost. But always, there was passion – deep, unrelenting passion to never give up regardless of the risk to life and limb.

FORBIDDEN by F. Stone: Eliza MacKay, a woman defeated by PTSD and three suicide attempts, plunges into a struggle to survive. She barely manages the triggers that send her screaming. Now she’s faced with a corrupt government who is determined to silence her – permanently.

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    1. It was tough; but also the most rewarding time of my life. I often went home after a 10 or 14 hour shift exhausted but felt good knowing I had made someone’s tragedy feel more bearable by caring for him/her, even if was just to hold their hand.


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