Romance Novel With a Twist

1-mosqueForbidden – a crime suspense and romance novel with a twist.

What is so special about romance being part of a crime suspense novel? Not much, unless the main male character is a devout Muslim.

Captain Khan
Police Captain, Hashim Sharif

When the first few chapters of Forbidden were written, I had no intention of adding romance to the plot. After all, how would two culturally opposing characters, one with super strict rules about romance, get close enough to see beyond their moral code. Hashim Sharif, a devout Muslim, albeit not an Islamist, first views his prisoner, Eliza MacKay, with distrust and frustration over her bizarre behavior. When he discovers she suffers from PTSD, his intent is to distance himself further from the woman.

With one innocent act, the seed of an unshakable bond takes root. But while they dodge killers and corrupt superiors, Eliza and Hashim discover the union of their soul.

Beta readers have reported the romance is believable, even in the short period of time these two head strong characters are together. No easy task considering my muse had no intention of getting sidetracked from hitmen and Sharif’s primary moral dilemma. Keeping his feelings for Eliza secret tests all his resolve to remain true to his faith. His real torture is to follow his superiors criminal demands. To become as evil as the vermin he hunts as a police officer goes against every fiber of his being.

He must chose.

Obedience to Allah’s law of protecting the innocent; or risk Allah’s wrath for the sake of his family.

These two characters could be interesting without the romance. With the struggles to hide their feelings, they become fascinating and unforgettable.


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    1. So true, Tamara. When it comes to romance, there always seems to be a good reason to inject that into a relationship; if for no other reason, it can certainly complicate a plot :). Regarding Islam, I would never have guessed how much I learned about Islam that is so different from what is portrayed in the media. Thanks for stopping by and chatting. Blessings


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