Dancing Around the Fire

If an author dances terrified around the publishing fire, their manuscript will remain only a dream. Soon or later, you have to dive in and risk it all.

Attention Thriller Suspense readers. There will be a slight, um, maybe smallish, delay in getting Forbidden in your paws.

Woman in despair ... Her hell, her dreams, her madness (added little grain and texture)
Woman in despair … Her hell, her dreams, her madness (added little grain and texture)

Piece of Advice: If anyone wants to succeed, best not to push yourself into a unreasonable deadline. Well, I thought my book launch for the print version was reasonable. End of July has come and I’m still toying with dialogue and scenes.

Confession time. There is another thing that’s keeping me from moving forward. As soon as Forbidden is out there, Forgotten is humming in the bull pen. By comparison, Forbidden was a piece of cake compared to Forgotten’s plot. Now, keep in mind, Forbidden can be a stand alone. The ending ends with a slam. Forgotten does pick up some of the threads of Forbidden, but takes off in a separate direction, mostly – at least that’s what my muse is telling me. But it’s going to be dark and bad. Maybe good for writing during the upcoming cold and bleak winter days – maybe in 60 days but I’m doing everything possible to keep winter from arriving at my door. Beer and BBQ helps.

So my dear fans, while I feel the lure to return to my old life of sipping wine with Julio and falling into his arms (I still dream), I will present you with the most exciting suspense novel. Soon. Yes, very soon, I’ll stop dancing around the fire.


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