#IWSG: Look Out, Forbidden is Blasting to the Finish Line #Forbiddennovel

unnamed (6)JULY 6 QUESTION: What’s the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?

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What is the best thing someone said about my writing? I remember the comment clearly. “Your writing  takes me to a place I’ve  never been before.” It wasn’t so much what she said, but how she said it, the tone of her voice, the mystical gaze in her eyes – like a part of her was still happily engaged on Captain Waterhouse’s ship. That’s what every author hopes to achieve.

1-mosqueForbidden’s engine is roaring and vibrating at the starting gate ready to thrill millions of readers.

The last phase of writing Forbidden is underway. My awesome editor, Leigh Carter, has completed the task of reviewing Forbidden and returned the manuscript to me. Only an author can experience the thrill of seeing their manuscript on the verge of being published. And, my thrill included the relief to see Leigh hadn’t nixed any portion of a plot, not even a page. The odd paragraph is getting an overhaul and commas corrected.

Clear the path. Cameras ready. Captain Sharif and Eliza are about to blast through the finish line.

Not sure how long my work will take; maybe a week, depending upon various adjustments to my list of priorities. One must be flexible when living with one ancient husband and four rowdy animals. However, my dear friends, baring any snags, I foresee the paperback of Forbidden being available by the end of July (fingers crossed and a reverent bow to all publishing angels).

The ebook may be ready by the end of August while I sort through the unfamiliar territory of converting word to mobi, epub, and whatever else; then submitting those formats to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ah, who knows, maybe Saturn, LOL.

FREE PRINT COPY: My marketing plans are beginning to take shape. For those wonderful folks who have helped me along this journey (editors, reviewers, beta readers, advisers, a free print copy will be forthcoming.

Readers and bloggers who wish to sign up to join my launch celebration will receive a free ebook in exchange for a little promo on their blog or facebook (review and showcase my author sites). Much more on that later.

Bye for now
وداعا الأن wadaeaan al’an

16 thoughts on “#IWSG: Look Out, Forbidden is Blasting to the Finish Line #Forbiddennovel

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are continuing to progress on your book and almost at the finish line: Yeah!!! Can’t wait to see it as an ebook because I plan to read it. As for the compliment you received, it is beautiful knowing that someone has surfaced in our world and likes it.
    All the best my dear. Keep going. You can do it.
    Shalom aleichem,

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  2. Congratulations! So wonderful to hear the progress you’ve made and I look forward to the release! I’ve no doubt that others will also see the same as your cherished comment! Keep those words at the forefront and keep on trucking I mean writing! 🙂

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    1. Hi Jemi: Perhaps I should be more modest, but I fell in love with this story, especially the characters. But then, does loving it make it good? Maybe, maybe not. A writer needs to know that readers will fall in love with their work. Given the subject and the current level of fear surrounding the Middle East, that may impact Forbidden’s reception. Fingers crossed readers will have an open mind. Thank you, Jemi.


  3. jenlanebooks

    Congratulations to get to this exciting place. I think you’ll love self-publishing! Just the ability to offer print copies to those who have helped you, without breaking the bank, is a lovely part of SP.


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