Forbidden: One Witness Too Many

Forbidden’s setting is the Middle East – year 2047. The region has undergone major transformations, including an amalgamation of most of the Islamic nations and territories. Under the new government of the Republic of Islamic Provinces and Territories, the civilians are beginning to trust the all inclusive policies and a shutterstock_57827968major shift in upholding each man’s, woman’s and child’s right to dignity, fairness, education, and health services. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, as is the current status, some wish to retain the rigid controls exhibited among extremist groups.

Omega is determined to destroy RIPT – and a police captain who knows too much of their leader. Their evil plan is set into motion one terrible night in his police compound. The horror is unbelievable – except by one survivor, one witness, Eliza. For their plan to succeed, she must die.