Forbidden: Allah’s Wrath Versus Family Loyalty

Captain Sharif ‘s choice. Protect his family = his soul will be damned. Follow Allah = loss of family

What evCaptain Khaner your chosen religion or beliefs, have you had to make a decision that was in direct conflict with those ‘rules’? What if your life depended upon stepping away from those sacred tenants. Could you sacrifice your soul for the higher good of another? Even for someone you don’t know?

Sacrifice of the self, in the mind of the One Most High, may be the ultimate expression of love and devotion to God. It may be the song angels sings and to which gurus aspire. Does Allah, God, Buddha, et al have such high expectations to prove our obedience to the law of creation, heaven, even to attain immortality?

Yes, most of us would sacrifice our life for a child. I know I’d put my life on the line for one of my animals. Yes, crazy pet lover. But love is love. Where would I draw the line? For an animal I don’t know? An injured bird struggling in the center lane of a freeway? If I want to sleep peacefully that night, I would make the attempt.iStock_000015136153_XXXLarge

Captain Sharif had his orders. Execute the prisoner. If he fails to comply, his family will be in dire peril. If his loyalty to his superiors is in doubt, his death will be the least of his worries. The thing is, he doesn’t know her. As far as he’s concerned Eliza could be a criminal, a spy or killer, a woman of ill repute, maybe deserving of harsh punishment. His superiors have the security and honor of RIPT in their hands. Perhaps she has jeopardized the future of his nation.

And yet, having observed her for ten minutes in the compound of his police station, he witnessed something more profound than the first breath of his newborn son. In an instant, Captain Sharif knows he will go to the wall for her. He must. Even if Allah damns his soul for eternity.