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My novels are fast-paced suspense/thrillers which spotlight the military or para-military personnel – both the hero and the villains. THE GUARDIAN’S WILDCHILD and FORBIDDEN takes the reader into a shadowy world of espionage, murder, and kidnapping. A strong cast of characters will grab and hurl you into a plot full of treachery.

Better wear your flak jacket.


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Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Category: Adult
Genre: Crime / Suspense / Paranormal / Romance
Release Date: September, 2011
Formats: E-book & Paperback

Tags:  USA navy, ship’s captain, post-apocalyptic, armed merchant ship, admiral, powerful guardians, meta physical, sun crystals, telekinesis, power vs moral choices, telepathy, prisoner, execution, love

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d11bb-sidney2bdavenportCaught in a reckless attempt to stop Dark forces, Sidney Davenport, a young, rule breaking, spirited member of the secret paranormal community of Guardians, finds herself imprisoned on a naval ship and slated for execution. Her struggle with the unfamiliar emotions of fear and anger becomes even more complicated when she can no longer fight her attraction to the very man who has orders to perform her execution.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, a meticulous naval captain who’s suspected of treason, teeters on a precipice between Darkness and Light. When he receives an unusual prisoner, a paranormal journey begins to unravel his disciplined life. All the while, humanity is unknowingly at great risk when two Dark forces team up to acquire control of an elusive power.

Sidney and Sam attempt to quiet their powerful feelings for each other, only to discover they can save each other, and in doing so, they might even save the world. Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the future-a future that is chilling, yet full of hope.

Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.
Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.



Captain Frank Butchart-001Behind a massive desk, the captain sat stiffly in his chair. He glanced at Sidney, then gave an almost imperceptible nod to his lieutenant. His gaze shifted to Captain Butchart. A tense silence followed. It stirred Sidney’s reserves. She noticed Butchart’s breathing became shallow and his hand gripping her arm was sweating.

Neither Captain Butchart nor Captain Waterhouse spoke the usual words of greeting. The silence troubled Sidney. Finally, Waterhouse rose from his chair. “At ease,” he ordered. His voice was crisp and deep. “Frank, it looks like you’ve been rather busy.” He eyed Sidney’s tangled hair, filthy clothes, and bare feet. “Who or what have you delivered to the Nonnah?”

“Nothing you’ll have to be bothered with for long. She’s to be executed this evening. The details are on this file.” Butchart pulled out a memory rod from his tunic and tossed it onto the desk. “I’ll remain on board until after her execution.”

Waterhouse walked up to Butchart and smiled. “You want to watch, Frank? You’re short of blood on the naval base?”

Butchart snorted. “This is a special case. She’s quite dangerous.”

Waterhouse raised his eyebrows. “Is that so?”shutterstock_756080201

Sidney sensed that under the military fiber of their equal rank something wanted to be unleashed. She felt it in Butchart’s tightening grip and saw it in Waterhouse’s dark eyes.

But she felt a warmth in him even though he held his mouth in a firm expression of cold indifference. While every cell of the ship’s captain screamed authority, she felt the word “safe” when she looked at him. And there was something more behind those eyes, something that reminded her of Greystone. But she had no energy to inspect his aura, was no longer able to focus for more than a few seconds at a time. The room’s floor swayed, and her mind began to drift. More and more, an adversary more lethal than Butchart took hold of her body.


“This book was very fast-paced and fun to read.  The characters, especially Sam and Sidney, will remain memorable even after the reader closes the book. This book is recommended to young adults/adults.”

“This such a sweet story, Stone does a fantastic job of enrapturing the reader into the world of Sidney, Sam and the Guardians. This book is full of love, fire, spirit and heart.”

“I was quite shocked with the vast array of character types in this novel. They were all well developed, letting you know who they really were, and meshed together into a group of people who definitely kept you on your toes. You get to know these characters so well that you feel like you`ve met them and that you`ve journeyed with them. You really feel for, and with, these wonderful people.”




Publisher: Self Publish
Genre: Crime / Suspense / Romance
Release Date:
Formats: E-Book & Paperback

Tags: Police, international, cultural, Islam, Muslim, prisoner, political, terrorism, romance, moral dilemma, CIA, hit men, love vs survival, corruption, Habitat For Humanity, PTSD, family honor, integrity

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Captain Sharif, Forbidden
Captain Sharif, Forbidden

Screams of terror and gunfire echo within the walls of a compound. The horrific massacre of fifteen Americans forces two government officials of The Republic of Islamic Provinces and Territories to plot a cover-up. The secret is thrust into the hands of a ruthless police captain, Hashim Sharif. Frustrated with his corrupt superiors, he covertly searches for forensic evidence. If his loyalty is questioned, an unmarked grave awaits him in the desert.

The gates of hell crash down on Sharif when he is ordered to execute the one witness – Eliza MacKay. It’s unthinkable to become the same gutter vermin he hunts in Samarra’s dark streets. Placing MacKay out of sight inside his apartment, he risks the wrath of Allah.

Hit men, the CIA, and his government have Sharif and MacKay in their cross hairs. Justice may never be served. Even so, he cannot commit an act most forbidden – treason. His family’s honor would be forever lost. With his Muslim morals and his life on the line, Sharif becomes the beast his enemies dread.

In spite of her struggle with PTSD, Sharif admires Mackay’s tenacity. He’s tortured by his deepening passion. If escape is possible, love will only get in the way. Or will it save them?

Feather Stone takes you on a richly textured epic adventure through stunning landscape and into the minds of desperate men. A strong cast of characters will grab and immerse you into a plot full of treachery, and passion that refuses to be silenced.


iStock_000015136153_XXXLargeSpeeding through intersections and red traffic lights, the vehicles came to a sudden halt. Gate hinges squealed in protest. The impulse to leap from the back of the truck fought with Eliza’s intense need to remain hidden. If it were not for the armed vehicle at the rear, she would have jumped and disappeared into the night. In another moment, the opportunity vanished.

The vehicles lurched forward. Through the flap’s opening, she saw a massive iron gate.  High walls extended on either side. The vehicles stopped.

The motorcyclists drove to either side of the truck. The armored vehicle surged forward, nearly crashing into the back of the supply truck. Eliza scrambled to put more of the luggage between her and the mounted gun. It bore down on her as if it had spied her. She gasped.

Eliza strained to hear a pleasant greeting, an apology for the change of plans, anything that would tell her heart to stop its thundering in her chest.

Someone shouted, “Ikhrog men al Araba,” then in English, “Get out of the bus!”

“Stay together,” called out Charlie. At first the volunteers sounded merely annoyed, but their mood rapidly deteriorated.

“Charlie, there’s a mounted automatic weapon on that truck. Something’s not right here.” The man’s alarm ricocheted through his companions. Quick footsteps reminded Eliza of nervous horses in a corral – wild-eyed, snorting and circling as they searched for an escape.shutterstock_57827968

Charlie attempted to calm his group. “I’m sure this will all make sense. I’ll see why there’s been a change. Who’s in charge here?” he called out.

Scattered thoughts fed her fear. The unmistakable sound of large guns being maneuvered sucked the air from Eliza’s lungs. Near the supply truck, she heard the ping, ping of a cell phone, then the trembling voice of a woman crying, “Ralph, pick up the phone. Please. Oh God ….” The woman screamed. With a blast of gunfire, her cries stopped. Bullets pierced the canvas and shattered a suitcase in front of Eliza.


Feather Stone

b078f2221d6ec0463539f01708b9e727I remember the last day of high school. I had written my very last exam and said, “Thank God I don’t have to write any more exams.”

In truth, I’ve been tested every day of my life, in so many ways. Sometimes I still write exams, sometimes life tests my courage and endurance. That’s how it goes when you don’t want to spend your life sitting on the sidelines.

During my career as a paramedic I came face to face with scenes most people would rather not think about. Having experienced life in the most deadly and gut wrenching events, and work with the police service, I have the fodder for creating intense novels.

My passion is to take readers to a place they’ve never been before.

I’ve studied French, Japanese, Spanish and a bit of Cree and Ukrainian. I play the piano, accordion and guitar. I love to paint (oils and watercolours), knit, garden, hike, canoe, read and, most of all, I love my animals (currently two shelties, Sammy & Jade; and two cats, Leo and Smokey). I’ve raced snowmobiles and snowmobiled in the Rockies in Canada and USA. My husband and I have survived a few terrifying experiences while travelling almost everywhere on this beautiful planet.

The paranormal has followed me since childhood. My journey has led me to incredible experiences during meditation, shamanic exercises, Reiki practice, and … a relationship with a variety of spirit guides. I manage to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground through loving my wonderful husband, my animals, and being with special friends.

Blessings to you. Blessings to this incredible planet.

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Email address: featherstone.author@gmail.com