$30 CDN Amazon Gift Card, Plus Two Books

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

December 22 to December 31, 2015

by Pauline Holyoak and Feather Stone


Pauline Holyoak and I love Christmas. We especially love the spirit of Christmas, being with family and friends.

In my preceding post, Pauline talks about growing up in her coal mining village in England. Check out her beautiful tale about how she celebrated Christmas with family in her quaint village. Her experience reflects the values of the true meaning of Christmas. Giving and sharing.

Four years ago I discovered Pauline was not only my neighbor, but also an award winning author. We love writing paranormal and romance. However, Pauline’s paranormal tilts more to the spine tingling, terrifying, evil spirit in the basement paranormal. My paranormal leans more to the mystical version, the unseen with powers most of us wish we could have like telekinesis and telepathy.

This Christmas, we have put our heads together to plan on a celebration with readers. If you love paranormal, romance, suspense and intrigue, you’ll love Merryweather Lodge Ancient Revenge and The Guardian’s Wildchild. And just in case you have your eye on another novel, you can win a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

Please enter your name in the rafflecopter below for a chance  to win.


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