FIVE STAR REVIEW: The Camera Guy – not for the faint of heart.


The Camera Guy,

by Richard Goodship


Finally, a crime novel written by a cop with experience and knowledge of the seedy world of criminals. Not just seedy. Detective Bill Walters is thrust not just into scenes of horrific murder, but with a gut wrenching twist. Forensics and details of the murder are just enough to grasp the enormity of the crimes without getting bogged down in the science. When Bill Walters receives an ‘assistant’, it turns out Tom is actually a psychologist. What a clever use of another character in this plot. When they both became mired in a no-win situation and loss, I doubted they had the courage and perseverance to see justice prevail. And survive. Both characters had internal demons which made them likable and human. As a result, The Camera Guy is both plot and character driven.

The pace of The Camera Guy had me on the edge of my couch. I couldn’t put the book down until late into the night when my eyes refused to stay open.

Two points make The Camera Guy an excellent read. First, it’s written by a talented author who puts the readers head first into the scene as well as in the mind of the characters.

Secondly, Richard Goodship knows his subject. The scenes and procedures feel real because he has been there, done that.

I highly recommend Richard Goodship’s novels to readers who expect high octane plots, believable characters, fast paced,

I love his books, especially The Ostiary. I give you fair warning. His books are not for the faint of heart.

Richard GoodshipRichard Goodship, Author:

Richard Goodship is a former Police Officer and retired Forensic Investigator. Richard spent over 22 years in the Forensic section (FIS in Canada) gaining experience in explosive ordinance disposal, post blast, arson, blood spatter, firearms reconstruction, fingerprint examination and a host of other disciplines. Richard’s last 5 years before retiring were spent working under the Office of the Attorney General as a Forensic Investigator travelling to various scenes for examination.

Richard’s second novel, ‘The Camera Guy’ is an Occult Murder Thriller as seen through the eyes of Forensic Investigator Bill Walters.

Richard is currently working on a sequel to The Camera Guy as well as a Historical Fiction/Fantasy trilogy called “The Ostiary”.

Richard now spends his time in a small village north of Toronto and with his daughter Eryn. A lover of horses and accomplished trail rider and loves storm chasing and taking pictures of living things with his camera. Ontario, Canada




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