Fighting the Snow Gods

NoJan 2011b, it’s not winter yet in my backyard, which is a good thing because I’m not ready. Last year my snow boots finally ‘kicked’ the bucket. After ten years of great service and two zipper repairs, I had to say goodbye. When the snow found cracks in the leather and the stitching gave way, there was no saving them. One shouldn’t be sad about tossing an old pair of boots to the g-bin. However, if those boots could talk, they’d tell beautiful tales of trekking and sliding and magical Jan 2011awanderings.

I’m reluctant to get another pair. Partly because it’s hard to find a really great snowboot that’s both practical and pretty. Well, not Holt Renfrew pretty, but you know what I mean. And, of course, if I make the purchase now, there’s the risk of giving the nod to the snow gods. No, I’m not ready.

My geraniums are still brightly blooming their fire engine red and the crystal blue lobelias wink between the green spikes. I should be yanking my annuals out and cleaning up, making space for shoveling snow. But that would also give the nod to the snow gods.

No, I’m not ready for winter. Are you?


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