What Keeps a Writer from leaving Reviews #authorreviews #bookreviews

Writing Reviews Dilemma. Do you post bad reviews if you’ve read a book that wasted your time and money? Or do you think that’s impolite?

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I’m going to tempt the gods of arguments and broach the topic of authors reviewing books. Stepping outside my comfort zone of live and let live is not easy for me, but I’ve been pondering this point for a long time. Much like last week’s post, I’ve tucked away my writer hat and kept my Reader Bowler on for this post.

There is a heated and long discussion revolving around Amazon and Goodreads review policies, and many valid pros and cons have been raised. That isn’t what this is about. This post is a peek into why I worry about leaving reviews, and why I’m hoping to kick that worry’s ass to the curb.

As a writer, you are encouraged to remember your professionalism at all times, to not engage in arguments in social media regardless of topics. Part of that is not wanting to alienate your potential and existing…

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2 thoughts on “What Keeps a Writer from leaving Reviews #authorreviews #bookreviews

  1. I will review on Goodreads the books I finish. If I am not enjoying the book, i don’t finish. The lowest review I will give is a three. I couldn’t bash another author, know the effort involved. That, and I won’t keep reading if I don’t enjoy, which leads back to me not reviewing if I don’t finish.


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