The Struggle to Write a Best Seller is Over!

Have you struggled with an intense fight scene? Did your mind go blank when creating an unusual character’s traits? When developing your story line, dialogue, setting, were you concerned it lacked that something special?

Do you want your novel listed as a best seller? Fear not, there is a team bringing the most WHW-Logotechnologically advanced and comprehensive resource to you. Meet Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi from Writers Helping Writers.

Recently, Angela and Becca wrote three incredible writing aids: The Positive Trait Thesaurus, The Negative Trait Thesaurus, and The Emotion Thesaurus. See the collection at Amazon.

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LOGO1Given their huge success, they raised the bar.  Writers Helping Writers has partnered up with a developer who also works on Scrivener to build some new brainstorming-centric writing software. One Stop For Writers™ is a library experience like no other, saving you time as you plan, research and write by having all of your favorite writing resources and tools in one place. – See more at Writers Helping Writers.

Who are the brilliant people creating this valuable tool? Meet Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

Angela Ackerman, one of t he team members who created One Stop For Wriiters.
Angela Ackerman
Becca Puglisi
Becca Pulglisi

It is so thrilling to be participating on this project’s street team. There is another group currently putting the program through tough scrutiny, making sure the clients using One Stop For Writers will have a super positive experience.

Here are a few samples of the One Stop For Writers material.






Mark you calendar for

October 7th

One Stop For Writer’s Launch

Va Va Voom!

4 thoughts on “The Struggle to Write a Best Seller is Over!

  1. angelaackerman1

    Aw, you are just terrific! Thanks so much–I love your enthusiasm, so wonderful to come home to it after a long trip away. I can hardly believe launch is less than a month from now. I am so excited for people to check it out and hope it’s just what people need. 🙂


  2. Own all three books, and am a subscriber to their newsletter. Soak it in, bookmark it, and use it too. Excellent, just wonderful to see them succeeding on such a large scale. I’d say your title fits them and their ideas to a T!


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