#IWSG: Never Bloody Give Up


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Never Bloody Give Up

Is there anything in a writer’s life that causes more insomnia than the dreaded and vital first page? The power of the first page? A contract with an agent / publisher. A reader holding the book lovingly to their chest as they hurry to the cashier. A promise author will take them to a place they’ve never been before.

Several beta readers, including my editors, all have had a go at my first page – several versions.  Daggers have sliced and diced Forbidden’s initial four paragraphs.

It hasn’t been pretty. I nearly gave up, putting aside a manuscript that virtually kept me in a lover’s prison for the past three years. Anger, depression, and a rampant inferiority complex sapped my creative juices. I had hit the dreaded wall. Not the blank page hysteria, no. It was the insidious devil that had me believing the task exceeded my talent.

During the past few months, I’ve burned away the negative mood – deleting or upgrading my websites. Dug up my gardens and tossed out non-performing perennials. Removed every useless or unwanted item from my closets. You could say I purged and rebuilt my home turf. It was an awakening to discover how much that stuff occupied valuable space, stole precious time, and drained my creative energy.

During this period of self-reflection, I paid attention to those things that are most important to me – my animals, quiet time, connection with nature, physical wellness, and regained trust in my sixty something years of experience. I let go of people and ideas that lacked connection with my soul, and decided to give worry a huge kick in the ass.

The purge is not yet complete. However, there is a sense of freedom surging to the surface. The muse is recovering from a deep dive. This morning I tingled with excitement, seeing unlimited possibilities. Most of all, a fresh idea for page one has ignited. Am I up to the challenge? Damn right.  My message for writers or anyone fearing they lack the skills to be successful – Never Bloody Give Up!

Beta readers are invited to have a look at my revision. The first few pages are posted on Wattpad. Access them via my Forbidden facebook page. Comments, good or not so good, are welcome via email (featherstone.author@gmail.com).


Recharging my batteries.
Recharging my batteries.

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23 thoughts on “#IWSG: Never Bloody Give Up

  1. Giving up will only leave you guessing if you could have done it, right? Try writing in a different POV which sometimes helps. I hear even writing in a different font will shift your perspective. I wish you the best of success in your novel.


    1. Ah yes, those times we quit prematurely and end up wondering, ‘what if.’ There are times, I think, when it’s wise to admit that a change is required. I wondering if I’ve been relying too much on the opinion of others. Perhaps I should trust in my gut a bit more and move on with what I see as good. Thanks for your comment, rxena.


    1. Thanks, Alex. I have to laugh sometimes when I see neighbor’s garages full of junk. They’re unable to park their valuable vehicle inside out of the weather and risk of theft. How we value our junk is mind boggling. Is there a lesson in this for getting rid of the excess in writing our novels? LOL


  2. Woot! Good for you. You’re so brave to do a purge like that, and I can see how it would be liberating. It’s funny, I kept thinking how purging our stories of the same things can free up our characters to do and be great things.

    Quick tip, I’ve learned I stress less if I agree to keep coming back to that first page, first chapter. Often I write whatever is needed to start, then as the story progresses I get a better idea how that first page should really look. I bet I rewrite it 100 times at least. Good luck with your new first page!


    1. You’re so right. I’d sit all day and get nothing written if I waited for those perfect words, phrases. It’s like the vehicle has to start in first gear before it really gets rolling, LOL. Thanks for commenting, Charity.


  3. aandj8804

    I hate writing the first few sentences/paragraphs/pages of anything new. Sometimes I just have to let go and let the bad writing emerge onto the page knowing I’ll edit it later. Hopefully your time of self-reflection will make writing “firsts” easier for you.

    Oh and yay for publishing on Wattpad! I’ll have to check it out! 🙂


    1. I often forget about Wattpad and probably have missed opportunities to get more feedback. And, yes, the first ten minutes or so of my writing sessions are usually deleted after I get into the groove. Thanks for commenting, aandj.


  4. Hi Lady,
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love your post. I have sitting on my desk a plaque that I bought about 7 years ago that states Never, Never, Never, Give Up. I have to look at that every time I get down. Like you, cleaning out and getting rid of all those things that bog you down, I have been doing that too. So we’re both moving in living lighter lives.

    And I am now on Wattpad and am posting a short story. So, I will find you on Wattpad today and read along. Maybe, i can offer you an evaluation every now and then that may be of help.

    All the best.


    1. That was really hard – I love gardening so much. I baby stuff that is on its last legs hoping that after one more year it will begin to thrive. Perhaps I do this in other things. Hmmm, something to think about. Have a great day, rbyrnes.


  5. Such parallels between cleaning out your garden, closets, etc. & refining that manuscript. Stepping away for a while is sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing (at least that’s what I tell myself every time I step away, ha).


    1. Hi Nicki: Great to hear from you. Are you working on your next best seller (canèt type the question mark; keyboard is hatched, I think. One gets one problem solved, then another pops up. Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if all our problems cancelled each other out, LOL)


  6. jenlanebooks

    Is that your backyard? Lovely! Glad you’ve recharged with the simple things in life and I hope your new idea works out wonderfully.


    1. Hi Jen: No, not my back yard. It a nature’s reserve nearby. No motorized vehicles / boats are allowed. Very quiet; meet nice people on the trails who are also ‘purging’ internal stuff. Thanks for stopping by, Jen.


    1. Hi Karen: I did give up once many years ago; started nurses training, got real sick and never went back. Haven’t regretted it as I think nurses are not treated well; work terribly long hours and put up with cranky, smelly patients – LOL.


  7. Great advice! It’s does get hard, and the journey is a tough one but to keep on trucking – the rewards wash away the negative!

    Love your informative blog. Thanks for signing up for the WEP! The benefits are many!


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