30X30 Nature Challenge: Not Exactly What You’re Expecting?

Go With Nature’s Flow #Natureiscalling

David-Suzuki-Foundation-30x30-Nature-Challenge-300x200Are you like me, spontaneous and bored easily with structure? I’ve discovered that when one is confronted by obstacles, it’s sometimes wise to go with the flow. It’s a lot more fun to have an unexpected adventure than to rigidly make things happen according to plan. Example. Sammy, Jade and I had planned on another trek at Chickakoo today for day two of the 30X30 Nature Challenge. However, a string of obstacles began this morning. Pantry is empty, taxes needed to be finalized, and I discovered Jade was scheduled for her first agility lesson.

Jade has been reluctant to accept me as her new ‘mom’ so I wasn’t expecting her to fly over the jumps. What fun! As soon as we arrived, her little face lit up and she bounced off my knees. It was thrilling to see her loosen up. As we raced around the outdoor training facility going over jumps, walking the ‘cat walk’ and doing the ‘tunnel’ I could see her and I developing a love bond over the next several lessons. I’ll have photos for you later.

DSCN0485 DSCN0487 DSCN0489 DSCN0491 DSCN0492When we got home, Sammy joined us for a walk. Again we were chased home by a rainstorm. No complaint, though. We desperately need the rain in Alberta. I managed to get a few pics in between showers.

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