Boosting My Creative Juices, #Natureiscalling

30 X 30 Nature Challenge

DrSuzuki-computerSmHow am I boosting my creative juices? During May, I am participating in David Suzuki’s 30 X 30 Nature Challenge: 30 Minutes in Nature over the next 30 days. See my post:


Why will this boost my creative juices? “A growing chorus of scientists and researchers agree: time spent in nature makes us happier, healthier and less stressed. It increases creativity and lowers risk of heart attacks. It even makes us nicer, more empathetic humans, with more meaningful relationships and increased community involvement.​”

May 1st Event:

DSCN0478 Sammy, Jade and I headed to our favorite spot on the planet. Within the first ten minutes of trekking beside Chickakoo Lake, an inspiration for the ending of Forbidden, my WIP, hit me. I’ve been agonizing over the need to improve the climax. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block. The wee muse came up with lots of scenarios. I nixed every one almost immediately. Have you ever wondered if the well of visions has gone dry? Well, since taking today’s walk in nature, I’m back on track, loaded with inspiration.

The new ending? It’s going to be work, but I think the readers will get a lot more bang for their buck – and that’s what I aim for.

I dared to dip my toes into the chilly waters of Chickakoo Lake. Once I got passed the ache in my ankles, it was fun. Reminded me of being a kid – so long ago. I’ve got to do more of things that nurtures the child within.

Today’s excursion was full of surprises and fuzzy feelings. It started off cold – going from 12C down to 10C within half an hour. The sun teased us but gave way to clouds, then rain. Sammy was less than enthusiastic and I should have guessed his intuition warned him of gusts of wind and rain in our faces. Even so, we carried on for a while and got a few nice photos.

I saw a tree trunk covered with a type of fungi. I thought it resembled a lady’s frilly skirt. I heard a ruckus above. It must have been a huge flock of cranes. Because of the clouds, I could only image the sky filled with these beautiful birds heading north. On the lake, several ducks were  pairing up and noisily expressed their annoyance with our intrusion.

We managed get in only 45 minutes before the weather chased us back to our SUV and we headed for home a bit damp. Jade proved she is quite the athlete, jumping in and out of our SUV with ease. Sammy prefers to receive the royal treatment and be hoisted in.


DSCN0477Have you joined in on the fun? Share what you’re doing to enjoy nature, awaken your connection with spirit.

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