Book Review: VIBRIZZIO, a novel for every fun-loving, sexy woman. Men too.

Review of Vibrizzio, by Nicki Elson – (The Big V Book 1)

NickiElson_Vibrizzio2500Feather’s Review: Novels written by Nicki Elson are a guaranteed great read. She has an incredible gift of story telling. I love how Nicki seduces a reader into the story right from page one. You’re drawn immediately into the characters’ dilemma. Within a few paragraphs, you feel a connection with each character. Nicki has the writing talent of saying so much with minimal words.

Vibrizzio is a story focused on two main characters struggling with a history of bad dates, hurtful relationships. Lyssa has virtually given up on flesh and blood men. Her vibrator, named Vibrizzio, has adequately replaced whatever pleasure they had provided and with a lot less risk to her heart. Hayden, is a fellow employee and a god of male flesh. He appears to be the typical womanizer and “man-ho.” He’s not all bad. As Lyssa begins to discover he’s intelligent and a gentleman, her determination to remain manless is put to the test. They are thrown together to work as business partners. Over a period of months Lyssa has to curb her desires during business trips and company engagements. Hayden discovered her attachment to the battery operated vibrator. She threatened him to maintain her secret. As they confronted their personal troubles, the dynamics of their relationship changed. Bridges were crossed painfully.

The sexual content of Vibrizzio is sensual, sexy and fun – and written without degrading the characters. The characters, main and secondary, are fully developed and feel like real people. I could easily relate to Lyssa and all the other characters. It made the reading experience a true pleasure. I felt the emotional impact in each scene. The ending had my heart pounding and tears streaming down my face. Even though Vibrizzio is written in one POV, I easily understood the feelings of all the characters.

I highly recommend Vibrizzio to both women and men.

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