I Am The Great I Am

I?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? am …

I am the mustard seed, knowing my purpose with complete certainty.

Powerful and enduring, yet delicate, I am the butterfly wings migrating thousands of miles across continents.

I am the sound of wind passing through the wings of a flock of geese in absolute trust of their unseen compass.

I am the music that lifts the spirit, and invites the body to dance and sing.

So great is my vision, I see the beauty in the vast desert, and in the Elder’s weathered face.

I am the courage of the sparrow chasing the raven from her nest.

Wise and patient, I honor the path of all other beings to walk, swim, fly, crawl, or simply breathe, according to the beat and pace of their divine guidance.

I am the perfection of the rose, kissed by the morning dew, and with great exuberance express my bliss into the heavens.

In moments of complete stillness, in the deliciousness of silence, I hear the heartbeat of mother earth and the whispers of my soul – and know I am peace.

I am the light that beckons the spring flowers to push through the receding snow.

I am play, silliness, laughter, giggles, grins, belly laughs – the puppy romping with his playmates, completely immersed in joy.

I am the love in Seamus’ dark brown eyes, unconditional and eternal.

I am the Great I Am.