Hunting for a Man With Special Experience

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Forbidden Needed a Male Perspective

By Feather Stone:

iStock_000014665836_ExtraSmallA few months ago I went on the hunt. Nope, no assault rifles or Kevlar required. Just an eye for an experienced writer / editor who would help me polish Forbidden, a suspense/romance novel. My requirements were unusual. Ideally, I hoped to find an editor who had experience in the Middle East, success an author, and was (ahem) a man. Why a man?

A few women read my manuscript and voiced glowing feedback. However, my gut wriggled until I had to admit there was something gravely wrong with Forbidden. I suspected the women focused primarily on the romantic aspects. I wondered if a man would more likely spot faulty plot dynamics. After all, I want Forbidden to be enjoyed by both adult women and men.

As the hunt revolved around my very odd criteria, what do you think were the odds for success? Dismal, right? Add I needed someone who was flexible about the payment schedule. It’s remarkable that I even made an effort.

However, years ago I became convert in the philosophy that the universe conspires to provide whatever a passionate believer desires. As long as one is continuously focused on a clearly identified mission, IT IS DONE!

Gary NilsenSo it wasn’t a surprise that in my daily nosing around cyberspace, specifically LinkedIn, that I discovered Gary Nilsen. Gary is a successful author and has spent several years in Saudi Arabia. When I read a section of Gary’s bio, I knew I found my man.

“I approach every aspect of my work with a focus on betterment and progress. I seek not only to do well at my job, but to excel, and influence those around me to find the same motivation for success. When employees have a strong sense of pride in their work and their company, the company itself thrives. I seek to apply this mindset to every task, every project, and every challenge.”

If Forbidden has a chance to be published, and being a hit among suspense readers, it will be due to Gary’s experience and demand for excellence. In Forbidden, he has identified character inaccuracies, plot failures, and things that will cause a reader to fling the book into the trash, or worse – write a scathing review.

So far, I haven’t needed to invest in a therapy kit to address critical dissolution of my ego. Gary’s critique on each chapter is expressed with kindness and logic. Irrefutable logic, which I wanted, needed.

The challenge now is for me to dig deeper into my writing talent and lift the bar several notches higher. On one hand I’m disappointed that I have to readjust my publication timeline to perhaps another year. On the other hand, Forbidden will be my best lifetime achievement.

Thank you, Gary.

Gary Nilsen:  LinkedInWebsite, Services, Twitter

6 thoughts on “Hunting for a Man With Special Experience

  1. Good critique partners are worth their weight in gold. Perfect ones are completely priceless. I’ve had to push my publication timeline back too, but it’s better to release it right, than to release it now. Good luck with your edits.

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  2. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. I’m so excited about how well Forbidden is turning out. It is good. However, fantastic would be ideal. I know readers desire the very best.


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