The Guardian’s Wildchild Making Headlines

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by Feather Stone
by Feather Stone

Feather Stone: The Guardian’s Wildchild is making headlines at The Romance Reviews. Wow!

Have you been looking for a romance novel that has a twist? What about a unique setting? And an ending that will blow your mind, stretch your imagination?

Simon & Schuster is listing The Guardian’s Wildchild ebook for 99 cents.

The kingdom of the gods is within Madame‘s grasp. The sun crystals will bestow her every command, once she learns how to connect with their power.

Sidney Davenport, rebellious and powerful Guardian, is sent into the dark world of Madame. Her mission throws her into hell and onto the ship of a brooding captain.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, meticulous and bent on avenging his wife’s murder. He teeters on hell’s doorway until a mysterious woman unravels everything he thought was real.