Reaching For the Moon ….. and Getting There.

The Moon, or a Passionate Love Life, is Not Beyond Your Grasp

This is a blog hop hosted by Misha Gericke. If you have a writing goal and would like to participate, visit Misha at her blog. Follow along with other participating writers to see how high they’ve raised their personal accomplishment’s bar.

If you’reDo You Have Goals banner frustrated with being stuck in a rut, every day the same as every day before, the answer to experiencing success is to establish a clear goals. And those goals don’t need to be minimal, safe, baby step kind of goals. Trust me, you can achieve great things if you develop a clear vision of what is important to you.

You need only two ingredients.

  1. Identify what you truly desire.
  2. Maintain the passion, vision every day

Perhaps you have had a vague idea what you hope to achieve in your love life, your career, your health, etc. Let me tell you friends, VAGUE ideas and thoughts have no power. However, if you take the following simple step, you will be blown away by how your world will change.

A few years ago I attended a course which talked about doing a LIFE MAP. I shrugged it off as a ridiculous and simplistic exercise. However, I was impressed with the instructor’s amazing high level of success and enthusisam. Eventually, I thought what would it hurt to follow the easy and fun assignment – a LIFE MAP.

cheryl_lifemapWhat is a life map? Check out Oprah Winfrey’s link “Create Your Own Life Map.”

What went on my life map board? I hunted down old magazines and photos where the images depicted what I desired. I didn’t stop at easy-to-achieve goals. Nope. I dared to select images that portrayed the extreme. Two vehicles, one being a convertible. Optimum health. Passionate relationships. Spiritual growth. I had a 4′ X 4′ board covered with dozens of photos, phrases, messages that I chose for my life map.

I achieved everything within three years. Everything. And, in hindsight, those goals arrived almost effortlessly, magically. It was like the Universe took me by the hand and steered me to recognize the paths, books, people that were there to help me develop and grow. I learned to trust my intuition, follow the sensation of excitement when I picked up a book that I needed. I stepped out of my introverted mindset. I became fearless and energized. I became open to the infinite realm of unlimited possibilities.

What is currently on my life map? My upcoming novel, Forbidden, is front and center on my life map. Images include:

  • Hire a highly qualified editor that is affordable – ACHIEVED
  • Find a book cover designer who understands my vision – ACHIEVED
  • Develop an amazing book trailer – ACHIEVED
  • Rewrite, polish, edit, and polish again until the manuscript is perfect – ONGOING
  • Finalize the manuscript by summer of 2015 – ONGOING
  • Hire a professional to create a most amazing website – NEARLY COMPLETED
  • Update my social media sites – NEARLY COMPLETED
  • Improve my connection with readers – ONGOING
  • Continue to learn marketing and promotion techniques – ONGOING
  • AND (drum roll), the biggest item on my life map is that Forbidden is a best seller in the category of suspense/thriller/romance. – GETTING READY TO CELEBRATE THIS SUCCESS!

If you’re dissatisfied with your life journey, I urge you to create your own Life Map. It’s fun. And more importantly, it gets your creative juices fired up. You can more clearly see the direction you wish to establish for your success story. Make sure the goals are truly ones you personally feel passionate about and desire.

Who else has a crazy goal? Have you made your Life Map?

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  1. Looks like you’ve already made great progress toward your goal. I’m looking forward to watching you achieve more of the little steps required. 🙂


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