IWSG: Unfaithful To My Husband – Guilty As Charged!


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Feather Stone: I’m confessing. I’ve been unfaithful to my husband for the past thirteen years. How I’ve gotten away with it, I’ll never know. What is worse, there’s not a shred of guilt that I’ve been messing around with two other men.

Sam Waterhouse

It all started so long ago, totally innocently. I first saw Sam aboard his ship. He took my breath away. It was more than his snug fitting naval captain’s uniform. The more he revealed himself to me, the more I fell under his spell. How we became lovers was magical. After all, I tend to be more a spontaneous kind of woman, he’s a by-the-book man. I think we saw what we needed in the other. Yes, it was more than just sex. Oh God, how we tried to deny those insatiable desires.

Captain Sharif
Captain Sharif

Sam was my first extra-marital romance, but not the last. A couple of years ago, Hashim’s exotic world became too intriguing to ignore. His dark eyes saw through my disguise of being tough. He saw beyond my wounded soul but didn’t run, or toss my ass into the gutter. I might have been able to move on and leave him to his lethal police duties, but I felt the whispers from his broken past. He needed me. God help me, I needed him even more.

Have you guessed? These are the leading male characters from my novels. What is true is that on a private level, I have fallen hopelessly in love with both of them. I see them, listen to them, I know them intimately – if that’s possible to give myself to another in the ethereal world. God help me if my dear husband discovers my betrayal.

Please tell me I’m not alone. As an author, how many times have you fallen in love with your characters? As a reader, have you given your heart to a character in a novel.

Is there a cure? Please say, “No, this is a life sentence.”

A Wee Bit About Feather Stone

If you’ve forgiven me for the above transgression, bless you. It’s true I’ve always lived a bit on the wild side. After years of living behind a mask, I finally broke free and set forth my life’s intention –  to live life to the fullest. I chose a career that is typically in a man’s world – a paramedic, then a paramedic supervisor. Loved it. It challenged me in so many ways. And so much of those experiences in tragic events and working among the police service members gave me the fodder for creating intense plots in my novels.

Shotover River x-1Free time to challenge my body and spirit is vital. If it’s legal, healthy, and causes no harm, I’ve probably tried it, with two exceptions. I wanted to get my pilot’s licence and bungee jump. Didn’t get around to that and it’s a bit late to strap on the harness. I’ve raced snowmobiles and climbed/hiked mountains (on foot or snowmobile). My husband and I have traveled a lot, experiencing a wide range of cultures. On the quiet side, I enjoy meditating, Reiki, gardening, and watercolor painting (not yet famous, so far).

Garden at blue house 1994 x-1My greatest joy is being with my animals. They have saved me, literally and metaphorically, many times. No matter how dark my mood may be, they remain loyal and lift me to see hope.

My most loving companion.
My most loving companion.

My motto (well, one of my mottoes): If you don’t feel the passion, let it go. And, Change your thinking, change your life.

Blessings to all. May joy and peace be a constant companion in your life and home.

18 thoughts on “IWSG: Unfaithful To My Husband – Guilty As Charged!

  1. You have an AWESOME set of real life experiences to work with! What an interesting collection of skills and hobbies, And I can’t really blame you for falling for your Heroes. It means you’ve written them well!

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  2. Phoenix Rainez

    I think all women writers are guilty of the same crime. We all fall in love with our male characters and if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to write the emotions he is feeling coz in all honesty we play the heroine too…..

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  3. You have the BEST post titles. It’s funny to me how my husband will get jealous of my interactions with real life men but pays little to no attention to the rampant affairs I’ve been carrying on right under his roof, hehe.

    My bunny has most definitely helped me through the melancholy of having my daughter fly from the nest.

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  4. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi Nicki: Oh those terribly heartbreaking ties every parent must release. Especially a daughter. I bet your bunny gets tons of hugs.

    Hi Phoenix: So good hear I’m not alone in my transgression; and that we can also be vindicated for the good of the literary world, LOL.

    Thank you, Hart. I tried very hard to give the reader the same passionate experience. In truth, we all see each other differently, through our own eyes from the vantage point of our life experiences. It’s fun to read the reviews of my book and to discover the reader’s impression of Sam. The results are all unique.

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  5. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi Terriochenski: Very happy to meet you. Yes, leading males are so alluring, even if these have broken pieces; maybe because of their wounds. I wonder if the flesh and blood males in our life know what they’re ‘up against.’ Oh my, that was so bad, LOL.

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  6. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi Chrys and Cherie: Hmm, I wonder how many secret affairs our men have in their dreams. Best not think about that. I guess fair is fair. LOL

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  7. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Hi Jen. I make a point of giving my headlines some muscle, LOL. Yep, Sam was all man; and such a challenge to get him to put down his rulebook even for just one kiss.

    Hi Alex: Ya, maybe you didn’t get that ‘curl your toes’ feeling for your male characters, but would you say that he became your ‘brother’? And you’d go to the wall for him? This is an interesting subject – men authors and their relationship with their characters. I’d love to dig deeper into this. Are you game?


  8. What a beautiful companion, what a great post, drew me right in. I too, would be in love with these guys. Yes, I always love my heroes, even if they are tragic ones. What a brave woman you are. Thanks for sharing… Lisa @ celticadlx.blogspot.com

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  9. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Thank you, Lisabuiecollard. Never thought of myself as brave, LOL. Reckless sometimes, but only brave if I had a good man close by.


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