What You Don’t Know About ‘The Guardian’s Wildchild.’

What if one country had the last source of energy?

What if that country was controlled by



The Guardian’s Wildchild

In 2040, the planet has recovered from the devastating global earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis. Martial law has eased but not enough to deter the underground movements from spying on the governments. There is a rumor that Admiral Garland has gained secret knowledge of a potentially deadly energy source – the sun crystals. Worse yet, the underground  has discovered he’s in league with Madame, an enigma with unlimited power and capacity for evil.

The underground leader, Badger, is desperate. The world is on the verge of madness. He seeks help from the Guardians, a hidden and powerful cult from ancient times. The Guardians have evolved over millennium using their mystical powers of time travel and clairvoyance. Their mantra? All action, all thought must be in line with the Higher Good.

The Guardians send their most powerful member – Sidney Davenport, a young woman who has the power to stop Madame – or so they thought.

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