The Two Most Daring and Beguiling Characters You’ll Ever Meet

The Guardian's Wildchild

The Guardian’s Wildchild,

a story of mystics and murder. Trespass into a world of evil. Feel the horror that drives men and women risk more than their life, lose more than their soul.Can the Higher Good vanquish madness?  The planet’s future lies on the shoulders of one mystic and one naval captain.

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d11bb-sidney2bdavenportSidney Ivey Davenport, otherwise known as Wildchild, was born in Vancouver year 2018. Her Guardian family moves to Hawk’s Island to ensure safety of Sidney and her brother; and to provide a Guardian Elder mentor to guide her innate supernatural powers.

Sidney grows bold and beautiful and had distaste for rules. Affectionately known as Wildchild due to her rebellious nature, her self-confident grows in step with her powerful gifts. As rebellious as she could be, she loves Greystone and her Guardian, Stone Clan even more. She becomes a powerful Guardian, particularly in manipulating energy of objects, time/space travel, and rapid healing. She will need all her powers, and more, in an attempt to stop the evil Madame.

Once the Guardian’s knew their sun crystals had been discovered by Madame, they foresaw a planet on the verge of madness. They sent their most powerful Guardian into the darkness to stop Madame. Their visions had failed to reveal that Sidney was ill prepared to deal with another dark force, more lethal than Madame.

Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.
Sam, walking on the edge, ready to dance with the devil if that what it takes to get his sons back.

Samaru Alan Waterhouse was born April 1, 2008 in Seattle, Washington. His father was an Admiral in the American Naval Forces, mother was Japanese and a Guardian, but she had kept that a secret. Sam’s parents were killed in the Great Quake of 2020. Raised in foster homes, he was steered away from his mother’s Buddhist and Guardian influence. However, he remained intuitive and practiced meditation.

He is tall and maintains a rigorous program to remain fit. He’s retreated into a dark place following the murder of his wife. The abduction of his sons has driven him to near madness. To remain sane, he lives by the naval rule book and code of an officer.

As captain of a US naval ship, he commands a strong crew, some who like to push his buttons to ‘lighten up.’ He’s unaware that he is transporting mysterious, powerful crystals to an admiral who is league with Madame. He’s also in charge of executing the admiral’s enemies.  His meticulous world unravels when a strange woman is brought to his ship for execution.