IWSG: Does Your Novel’s ‘Music’ Capture the Reader in an Avalanche of Emotion?


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 Authors Need to be Musical Composers

Is it possible that you might not remember this scene? After all, if you are drawn to romance movies, you’ve seen this embrace, or many other passionate facsimiles a zillion times. Why would you remember the desperate embrace of Hawkeye and Cora at the waterfall in The Last of the Mohicans?

It’s the music.

Since 1992 I’ve never forgotten this image and the song, I Will Find You. In fact, the entire movie was given more emotional impact because of the phenomenal soundtrack.

How can a novel compete with cinematic scenes underscored by a soundtrack composed by the likes of Jones and Edelman? After all, authors are not musicians.

Or are we?

When writing a novel, it occurred to me that the author needs to write in the ‘music’ composition subliminally. There’s pacing and rhythm, the power of an escalating climax, the ebb and flow of dialogue and character moods, rising anticipation and crushing defeat. The author’s composition should lift the reader to the breathtaking heights of discovery; then bury her/him deep into intrigue and desperation, sliding and rolling in an uncontrolled tumble into the plot’s dark vortex.

Yep, as an author, this is  another skill I need to keep in mind along with the dozen other rules.

As a reader, perhaps that’s why some novels I’ve read left me unmoved. Although the plot and characters were reasonably interesting, I could not hear the music.

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9 thoughts on “IWSG: Does Your Novel’s ‘Music’ Capture the Reader in an Avalanche of Emotion?

  1. Feather Stone, a bit on the wild side.

    Thanks for the ‘thumbs up’ comment, Lisa. I wasn’t sure if my intended message was clear enough. Hell, never sure about that, LOL.


  2. jenlanebooks

    Fantastic post, Feather. I’ve never thought about books that way either, but your comparison about pacing, rhythm, moods makes sense. I’d add that the main character provides the melody and supporting characters provide harmony (or discord).


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