Readers, Give the Author a Smooch.

Normally, when someone does something thrilling for you, the automatic response is to express gratitude – a ‘thanks’, a nod and smile, a smooch, a jumping up and down and exclamations of OMG, etc. If an author has touched you in places of the heart, or elsewhere, please do NOT do what I did for years.

Through the years of reading enjoyment, it never occurred to me to connect with the author and say how much I enjoyed their writing. I had this notion that authors were unreachable like movie stars, lived in posh homes by the seashore, and shopped in exclusive shops. Why would they want to hear from one of the thousand of readers?

I’m bekiss_zpsdafce633tting that even JK Rowling enjoys hearing from her reader fans. We all love to hear praise. Now that I circulate among author friends, I hear about their thrill in receiving a positive message from a reader or a review on Goodreads.

Sometimes readers take the time to write a review. Not many, I think, as most readers are not writers. To write even a complementary note on Amazon is a bit intimidating. The whole flippin world is going to read it. But that’s a good thing, don’t you think? Your opinion counts – a lot.

What if you were not pleased with the novel? Whether your disappointment is based on purely subjective reasons or due to failure of the writer’s skill, you are encouraged to communicate that as well. Ensure your negative comments are constructive explaining WHY you were not happy with the novel. Leave the name-calling to people who lack a mature adult vocabulary, LOL.stock-illustration-4345931-boy-reading-book

There are numerous other ways to connect with an author. Authors are keenly aware of the need for social media and will have several accounts. Check out their blog, facebook, twitter and pages that will advise on how to contact them. They do want to hear from you. Your communication can be as simple as saying, “I read xxx and loved it. Looking forward to reading your next novel. Thanks.”

And, by the way, for those who are so inclined, I don’t turn down smooches on my blushing cheek.

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  1. Phoenix Rainez

    I love your blogs and thoroughly enjoy reading them. Always so varied and interesting. Its no wonder you write such intriguing novels.
    Hopefully I will soon have more time to catch up with all your blogs which I have saved to read at a later date.


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